Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Time and it's relavtive nature

So I'm writing this up because at the moment I don't have a page 1 to review... sigh.

Time, it's a funny thing isn't it.  There's an abudance of it and yet never enough.  It changes depending on how fast your going or how far away you are in space. 

Some things seem concrete. 

A sitcom last 22 minutes.

An average pop song 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

How long it takes a pot to boiling--- NEVER if it's watched.

But then there's other ideas of time-- query time seems to take forever.  From the moment you send that query to the time you hear back, it's a lifetime in every minute. 

Then I looked back at my calendar and realized that it's been 3 months since I started to query.

I have no idea how long I will continue or what I expected to be at this point.  This post isn't about that.

Time is relative.  For a writer waiting to hear back it's outragously slow.  For an agent, I'm sure it feels insanly fast.  Check out twitter come 5 o'clock and see how many agents post, "it's 5 already?"

My school year has gone by insanely fast.  Weekend of Awesome is right around the corner and in under a month I'll be on my summer break. 

When writing time moves slow, every word like doing surgery. No wait, that's wrong.  A first draft is like firing a machine gun, throwing out a lot of bullets and maybe one will do some damage.  Revision is like a sniper fire. 

Sorry for mixing metaphors.

Anyway writing time moves different then revising time.

But screwing around on the internet, watching youtube clips and reading twitter, yeah that's the fastest time of all. 

Time, it's all relative. 

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  1. I know you need people to sign up but am seriously frightened right now. What if my first page gets ripped to absolute shreds?

    Yes, I know that would be good for me. But being smack in the middle of my first draft, that might not be so good for my finishing the story.

  2. This school year does seem like it went by fast, yet summer can't come soon enough for me--I've had a very stressful year. :( Looking forward to unwind at the Weekend of Awesome, though--woo hoo!!

  3. Clever post. Time is an interesting subject. We all have it. We all use it differently. AND, we never seem to have enough of it!