Books I've Read

I've been reading more adult books as well, but since this blog is geared for a YA audience I'm opting against update the list.

Dates are the dates I finished the book

(BB) Stands for Book Binge- the times when I read one book and instantly start another.

Books of 2011
  40) The Adventures of Goth Girl and Fan Boy
  39) Death Cure
  38) Delirium
  37) Golith
36) Power of Six
35) Tate's Hell- BETA
34) Sean Griswold's Head
33) Lola and the Boy Next Door
32) Phoenix Rising- BETA
31) Scorch Trials
30) How I stole Johnny Depp's Alien Girlfriend
29) Before I Fall
28) Behemoth
27) City of Bone
26) Crash
25) The True Meaning of Smekday
24) Thirst - BETA
23) Divergent
22) Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, 8th grade bites
21) The name of this book is secret
20) Ivy and Bean: What's the big idea
19) Hunger
18) The Queen of the Dead- ARC
17) The Book according to Claire- Beta
16) Peeps
15) Notes from the dog
14) Maze Runner
13) Rules to Rock By
12) Across the Universe
11) Dash and Lilly's book of Dares
10) Jenna and Jonah's Fauxmance
9) Shutout
8) Five Flavors of Dumb

7) Fixing Deliah
6) Because She Says So- Beta

5) Cake Wrecks
4) The Mockingbirds

3) Son of the Mob

2) Falling into Normal- Beta

1) Anna and the French Kiss

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