Friday, May 27, 2011

Five for friday- distraction

My friends over at the Paper Hangover pose the question what are the top 5 biggest disractors on the internet.


1) Gmail--- did someone leave a comment on my blog?  What about over on my article at the Patch?  Is amazon offering some amazing deal?  Did an agent want to offer me a deal?  MUST. CHECK. EMAIL.

2) Twitter- It updates ever few seconds... someone else has something to say. What if it's insightful or entertaining.  What if it's the one peice of information that will change my life forever.  Did someone retweet what I said?  Did someone @ me?

3) youtube- vlogs, vlogs, music videos, Charlie is so cool like, Vlog brothers, Ijustine and the muppet's movie trailer ALL IN ONE LOCATION.  I love you, youtube.

4) Querytracker-  Did another agent change his or her status? Did someone leave a comment on an agent's profile?  What if I missed an agent in my list of agents?  I should go check....

5)Modcloth-- clothes update constantly and they are so pretty.  So pretty.  Expensive but pretty. 

Oh internet I love you.


  1. I'm so mad I forgot QueryTracker! That is a definite distraction for me. That clothes site sounds pretty cool, too...

  2. Aw MAN! I forgot QueryTracker too! Great list, Erinn.

  3. I am so with you all on QueryTracker! I forgot all about how I constantly check it.

  4. Damn you internet. That's all I got to say.

  5. Modcloth! That sounds awesome!

    I have nothing to track with QueryTracker yet, so whew on that one, I guess.

  6. I lurrrrrve Modcloth! So nice to see another clotheshorse around these here parts! :)

    And QueryTracker - what can I say? Patrick and I are like BFF!

    Great list!

  7. Oh yes, forgot about the greatness that is YouTube. Quita discovered some laugh-tastic clips from The Room up there. :)