About me

I'm a mom, a teacher, a writer and a blogger.  I know a little a bit about a lot of different thing, my brain is basically an inch deep and three billion inches wide. (um, yeah, that sounded a dirtier then I wanted it to) Who knew writing an about page would be difficult?

I love lists, deadlines, jokes that make people spew drinks on their computer screen and Doctor Who.

Oh yeah and my family. 

I'm here to be slightly humorous, positive (expect when I'm not) and somewhat insightful.

Eventually, when I take a decent picture of myself, I'll update my profile and you'll get to see what I look like.  But I'll be the first to admit, I don't have cool hair dyed pink or blue which seems to be required if you are a blogger and write YA.  Sigh. 

But for now I"ll post a picture of my daughter because she's so stinking cute.   
She's looking at a goat or something.  Either way, she's excited.

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