Monday, May 23, 2011

Jousting Peeps- Doctor Who part 4

So there's the guy and he's a writer.  He wrote two episodes in Series 1 of Doctor Who and they were without a doubt the best episodes, The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances.  Both episodes freaked you out, nothing scarier then a kid with no face asking "are you my mummy?" and cracked you up: take this little bit of dialogue from the episode The Doctor Dances.

Captain Jack Harkness: [stands after ceiling is repaired] Who has a sonic screwdriver?
The Doctor: I do!
Rose Tyler: [ignores them] Lights.
[starts to move around the room, looking for a switch]
Captain Jack Harkness: Who looks at a screwdriver and thinks, "Ooh, this could be a little more sonic"?
The Doctor: What, you've never been bored?
Rose Tyler: [still searching the room] There's got to be a light switch.
The Doctor: Never had a long night? Never had a lot of cabinets to put up?

Series 2 had the Girl in the Fireplace... brain explodingly awesome.   The only redemable episode in Series 3 was Blink, which stands alone as the single greatest epsiode of all time.  Series 4 had Slience in the Library.   And Series 5 Steven Moffit took over as the lead writer and producer of the show.

What Steven Moffit shines at, is not only perfect story telling but scary ass monsters.

Take The Weeping Angels...  If you blink-- your dead. 

Yep just about every person who watch that episode lost a little bit of bladder control.

And how about the newest edition to the gallery of rogues?   The Silence, as soon as you look away from them, you forget all about them.  An enemy you can't fight because you can't remember them.

Yep, you just peed yourself didn't you?

I don't blame you one bit.

So who's the baddest of the bad?   TO THE PEEPS!!!!!

It's a TIE!!!! Yep... these jerks are equally scary....  good luck sleeping tonight.

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  1. These are SO good.

    I love how Dr Who does so much with relatively low-tech props and costumes.
    The silence rock (in the scary way).

    We will have to seriously discuss some Dr Who on WofA-- and watch the episode Saturday night... oooh!