Monday, April 30, 2012

NESCBWI Conference-

Over a week ago I went to the NESCBWI conference... wait a second, isn't that in NEW ENGLAND...
Yes, yes it was.
And don't you live in Maryland?
Yes, yes I do.
But Maryland isn't in New England.
Nope, that's what airplanes are for --- which for the record, I won't be traveling by again to Boston. 

Was it weird going to a conference where you didn't know anyone? 

Um no, because how it that different from any other conference? 

The whole time rocked. I could talk about the importance of the Keynote Speaker and all the break out sessions. (Which I will for some other blog) but what I walked out of that conference with was friends. 

I love kidlit writers, seriously.  We are the nicest people.  I was a stranger from a strange land and I was instantly welcomed. 

I shared a room with Heather and it could have gone terribly wrong, I'm shocking socially awkward for someone who likes to be the center of attention.   She's awesome... not a word I use lightly on this blog.   Over the course of the weekend, she triumphed and I cheered for her.  She's a mom, like me, she writes and blogs.  She's me, but a way more mellow and cooler version.

Then I met Jennifer Carlson, I'm pretty sure she's a robot with perfect hair, she's a mom and like a billion other things.  Seriously I was getting tired just listening to all the stuff she does.   To get a SMALL  glimpse of what she does, check out her website... and look at all the tabs.

Laura Pauling,  was a very cool and down to earth view of self publishing, one I hadn't heard before.   She's super cool and you should go check out her book and her info.

Then there's Kris Asselin who I might have bugged a whole bunch via email leading up to the conference.  She was insanely supportive. 

Ansha Kotya was another cool and level headed writer.   Funny and generally awesome. 

Nandini  Bajpai- everything about her was calm and soothing, she was funny and down to earth, she was handy with a camera and an iPhone.  She isn't made out of bones and blood but out of WIN and Awesome.

And as always I saved the best of last, my dear friend Alicia.  Not only did she drive in the rain for me, and introduce me to all her friends, but she kept me sane during an emotionally insane weekend.

So I left New England with new knowledge, witness a TED talk, a met and spoke with an agent, but most importantly I met a whole bunch of cool people.  I can't wait to go back next year.

I will be updated the blog with more information about the conference and my LONG adventures getting home.  But I really wanted to give shout outs to awesome people filled with awesomeness. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Joy of Joy's: Writer's Conference

A few months ago my dear friend Alicia she said she was going to the NESCBWI writer's conference.  I checked out the conference and then leeched onto her like a spinal fluid sucking parasite (I really hope that's not a real thing) and announced I was going too.

I score super cheap flights thank you forgotten frequent flyer miles and signed up.

Sara Zarr, Author
Harry Bliss, Author/Illustrator
Kate Messner, Author ---- TED Talk: "The Power of What-If” SHE SPOKE AT TED--- ARE YOU KIDDING ME>!>!>!
Cinda Williams Chima, Author
Stephen Fraser, Agent, Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency
Christa Heschke, Children's Department, McIntosh and Otis, Inc.
Jennifer Laughran, Agent, Andrea Brown Literary Agency
Lauren MacLeod, Agent, The Strothman Agency
Vickie Motter, Agent, Andrea Hurst Literary Management
Kristin Miller, Associate Agent, Children's Books Specialist, D4EO Literary Agency

That's just a VERY small fraction of people who will be there.  

Flash forward a few months later, I've been SUPER impressed by how well organized everything has been. register went smoothly,  I've been offered to volunteer for a few different duties.  I've got a 3 page to do list and a book that's READY to go if someone should request it. 

I've been looking forward to this day for MONTHS and I'm beyond excited. 

I plan on getting zero sleep, looking freaking adorable and being charming.... of course what that will translate into is:  Zero sleep, I'll look totally out of place, and I'll word vomit all over people and come off like a snarky b*****.


NO! I will not let that happen. 
This conference will not be like my first conference, it will be better then the other two conferences I've been to. 
 It will be awesome. 

Stay tune next week when I tell everyone about the time I made a jackass out of myself.





Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Monday: Rediscovery.


Genre: philosophical stuff

Have you ever been searching through your music library looking for that super cheesy song you had stuck in your head and you're totally ashamed to admit you bought Now That's What I Call Music 72993  because it had that song on it?  Sure you have.  And instead of finding that one song that rhymes baby with baby or president with president (CURSE YOU, TRAIN)  you find that song that instantly makes you smile.  It had been on the soundtrack to your life during a happier, simpler time. 

You listen to it, with a slight fear, will it sound just as good you remember it? Victory! It does.

Yes. Rediscovery achievement unlocked!

It happens with music, books, TV shows, movies-- that nagging little feeling that hits you at some unknown time like while you're doing dishes or avoiding doing the dishes, a feeling that something out there was better than whatever you were doing at that moment.

Your brain pauses until it hits you.  You remember now.  An a piece of your world, your life you didn't even know was missing, returns like the prodigal son/daughter.  You feel whole again, and you didn't know you were broken.

Sure sometimes it's art and other times it's people. 

Reconnecting, rediscovering a person is the best.

Recently I rediscovered hubby.  It's been awesome.  We laugh more, the annoying little things don't annoy us, and I'm insanely happy.

Go out and rediscover someone or something.  Enjoy it. 

Sunday, April 01, 2012

SPRING BREAK ---see you in a week

It's spring break, and while I could use this time to catch up on my blogging. I'm going to edit, get ready to query and read Percy Jackson...

Enjoy someecard's take on Doctor Who.

Yeah, it's a total deal breaker.