Thursday, May 19, 2011

Book Review- Queen of the Dead

The Queen of the Dead.

One word review: AWESOME.

Three word review: Brain explodingly awesome.

Real review:

If you’re a reader of this blog then you know by now that one of my favorite books of 2010 was The Ghost and the Goth.  Queen B Alona dies and Goth Will, a ghost talker, helps her out.  It was funny, smart, excellently crafted and best of all FUN.  

In a market place filled with dystopias and more doom and gloom than can fill an emo kid’s live journal account, The Ghost and the Goth series is a refreshing breeze through a bakery, sweet and leaves you craving more.

The Queen of the Dead is even better then the first book.  Seriously.  And how often does that happen?  It picks up about a month after where the first book leaves off.  Will and Alona are trying to help a ghost to over to the light, when they hit a snag.  Will’s not the only ghost talker in town.  Mina is hardcore, with weapons and “boxes” to get rid of any ghost that’s a threat.  Think Faith for Buffy but slaying Ghosts instead of Edward Cullan.

Instantly Alona and Mina loathe each other.

But Mina’s arrival on the scene isn’t Alona’s only problem.  Only two months after her death, her parents are moving on.  Her mom is throwing out Alona’s homecoming sash and her evil step Mothra is preggers.  

Meanwhile, Will is hit with the news, that not only are there other Ghost Talkers but they’re a well organized and funded group, and they want him.

The whole series takes a drastic change about half way through the book, and not to spoil it  but it’s awesome.  

Where Stacey Kade shines is in her character development.  The reader should HATE Alona, and yet doesn’t.  In any other set of hands, Will could be extremely annoying but he isn’t.  He’s far from perfect but he’s not a stupid boy either, (a welcome change of pace).   Kade places so much emotion on the page that you feel Alona’s heartbreak, and later on in the book you feel Will’s rage.   

Am I a fan girl for this series, yep.  Do I want the final book to be in my hand right now? YEP.  I know it’s done, Kade tweeted about it.  

The Queen of the Dead is a fast paced, fun, and a perfect beach read.   I loved every page.  

In fact, I loved it SO much... I’m feeling a give away coming!!!!

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  2. I made an editing mistake on my first one. :)

    Kind of off topic, but since you mentioned Buffy...can I just say how much more enjoyable Twilight would have been if Buffy had popped into town and staked Edward Cullen.

    That's how you get glitter, kids. For realz.

  3. Great review! Since I'm trying to read "lighter" fare these days, this seems like a great series to delve into. :)

  4. This series looks like so much fun (you can tell by the covers). Thanks for the review!

  5. Ohh, you know how much I loved this!! Kade's writing is like a trip to the bakery!

  6. Okay, so I totally didn't have a favourite ghost, but I DID love the books :D

  7. Sounds like a great series! And what a great review!