Wednesday, May 02, 2012

What I learned about writing- a tale about travel

Every time I fly to Boston- it’s a total cluster.  

My first trip to Boston I was four hours late, because there was a cloud shaped like a bunny hovering somewhere over the Atlantic.
My return flight, my plane had issues and I decided to run for president of the plane since clearly, I was going to end up living on the plane.  My election didn’t go as planned, I blamed a the smear campaign by my rival who claimed I hogged the only plug at the gate charging my laptop when it was already at 87%. I didn’t win.

Long story short, eventually I got home.

I have to admit, I had reservations about traveling to Boston and then driving two hours to Springfield.  History tends to be repetitive and I had good reasons to be worried.   My flight to Boston was fine... there was a slight hiccup with my connecting flight to Newark but I boarded the plane with ten minutes before it was scheduled to leave.  We got the Springfield with very little traffic and no issues.  

But Sunday is when the weather changed.  Alicia and I left the conference early, mostly because I was worried I wouldn’t make my 6:50 flight if we left at 3.   So we left at 2 and I was at the airport by 4:45. I joked with Alicia- I’ll see you later.   I was through Airport security and at my gate by 5:15, with dinner in hand.  Perfect.  I surfed the net while I decompressed when I got a email, my connecting flight from Newark to BWI was delayed by 15 minutes.
No big deal.
Seconds later I got another email.  My flight from Boston to Newark was delayed until 8:40... CRAP.
I saw the signs. I hopped up, got in line and changed my flight.
I called Alicia and ended up sleeping on her couch.
I apologize for being a needy guest, since not only would I need her to pick me up, but I would need a ride back, at 4:30 in the morning.

I also found out my grandmother passed away on the ride back to Alicia’s house. (More on that next blog post)

Monday morning I got to Boston Logan Airport at 5 am, the flight boarded and left on time.  YAY.  Just when it looked like I would be home exactly as scheduled... I would get home by 9:05 am!  

I got to Newark, found my gate, sat down, looked up at the board and POOF my flight was delayed.  The flight after mine was canceled and a terrifying word was spoken. SNOW.


The plane was delayed due to snow and if we didn’t leave soon, Newark had a chance of being snowed in.   Sigh

At 8:30 we heard the plane was being de-iced.  YAY.

It arrived at 9:58.

We boarded by 10:45.

I landed by 12:20.

At 1 pm I finally walked through my front door.  

I was smelly, cranky and exhausted.

Now what does this have to do with writing... well I think the metaphor is clear.

Don’t run for president of the plane if you’re paranoid whenever your laptop drops below 90% battery life.

No, really.  When it comes to writing there might be delays, lIfe might be in the way.  You might not be where you want to be, whether it be drafted, revised, edited, agented, or published, but as long as you have a laptop, a plug and an outlet, you’ll be fine.  Eventually it’s all out of your hands.  You have to put your trust in someone else.   But it will happen.  You’ll get home.  You’ll hit the final goal.