Thursday, March 31, 2011

HOCO Thursdays-HOWARD COUNTY IS THE BEST hocoblogs@@@

Yes, I live in the greatest place in America.  My hometown rocks and every place else sucks.

Um, you know what, I'm pretty sure statements like the one above is how wars get started.

So let me rephrase that, Howard County is the Beatles and every place else is Twisted Sister.

Hey, Twisted Sister is pretty cool, they were mentioned in the greatest movie of the 1980's Flight of the Navigator:  Compliance. 

Back to my point, Howard County is awesome.

Last week I posted a blog about the street I live on. 

By 9:45 I received this comment:

Just after the information was tweeted I received this comment:

Are you kidding me?   The COUNTY EXECUTIVE'S DEPUTY CHIEF OF STAFF commented on MY BLOG.

So I did email him about the exact street names and so on.  He got back to me in the matter of hours.
He said he'd keep me in the loop about the progress of my streets and that he's looking into the problem.

By Monday he emailed me with more information.  WOW!  Amazing.

Local government at work.

Also there's a website called The Patch and they focus on Hyper Local news.  From my super quick research,  Howard county has  Columbia Patch, Ellicott City Patch, Laurel Patch and Elkridge Patch

For those of you who don't live in Howard County, go check out if your own town has a Patch website. 

It's amazing what a little local networking can do and what a huge difference that can be made.

I'll keep you up to date about my road.


  1. citizens in action! Unite! Patch is owned by MSN I think... but I could be spreading rumors. I also think they're country-wide.

  2. Ko, the Insect Collector - With Patch, AOL is the big daddy news corp in the room. :-)

    Erinn, Amen for your coming forth to call out that which needs attention, your experience of exquisite government response (Ian rocks), and your circling back to share the story with others. :-)

    Super small (but important technical tidbit), the hocoblogs@@@ has to be in the body of a blog post to work. I don't know why, but it is what it is.

    Rock on! And I hope to see you at the next hocoblogs party; this one is sponsored by the Elkridge Patch - The location needs to be changed (stay tuned), but the party is still going on.

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Erinn.

    Reading the local blogs seems so natural that I can't imagine doing things otherwise. If someone has concerns about a situation or issue in the county and is willing to take time to write about it, we want to know and we want to see what we can do to make things better. We can't solve everything, but we can always be attentive and responsive.

  4. That's awesome that you got a response and they're working on it!

  5. Hi Erinn, Thanks for coming out to the blogger party tonight. Hey, did you see you were mentioned in this Elkridge Patch article?

  6. So what's the verdict on the streets of Harwood Park? I live in that neighborhood too, and my neighbors and I are all wondering about whether our streets are going to be repaved when the water main replacement is complete. Do you have any news? The streets were in poor shape when the work began, but now they are just terrible. I certainly hope there are plans to repave these streets! Hopefully you'll consider posting an update soon! Great blog, i'm thrilled to see I'm not the only one concerned about this...