Friday, April 01, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday

My dear friends at Paper Hangover are doing Flash Fiction Fridays.  This week's topic:

"Take any minor/background character in your novel and give them their own wacky, mini adventure. In 300 words or less, start the scene in media res and end with a cliffhanger. No resolution."

Six years ago Ashely Ridings died while her little brother was in the earliest stages of puberty.  Dave Ridings  turned to the Internet, porn and food for entertainment to help shape his identity.  Being an overweight comic book geek and no older sister to help him understand the female mind, girls should have been out of his reach.  

But that wasn’t true.  

Since joining the increasingly popular band, No System At All, more girls had been coming over and talking to him. Being famous, even ever so slightly had it’s perks. He had the luxury of not needing a pick up line.   And since he was a musician, he could have been a four arms troll and girls would have still smiled at him.

None of the girls he met could pass the Ashely Test. A girl had to be cool, smart and kind enough to win what he thought would be his sister’s approval.

“Tom Baker.” A female voice said.  Dave turned to her.   She was short, with median length brown hair.  

Dave was about to correct her, that wasn’t his name.  But the girl pointed at his shirt.  It had a blue police box and the words above it read, “you never forget your first doctor.”  It was his favorite of all his Doctor Who shirts.

Dave smiled, “Christopher Eccleston.”

The girl rolled her eyes, “New Who Fan huh. Poser.”

His sister voice sang in his head, “you might have a winner here.”

“Well, I did go back and watch a bunch of the old episodes on netflix, you have to admit, a lot of the old stuff is crap.”

The girl nodded, “New Who is forgivable since Matt Christopher is cute.”

“If you say so.”  Dave listened to Ashley’s voice, ‘go for it.’  “My name is Dave.”

The girl offered her hand, “I’m Amy.” 

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OH And I NEED A QUESTION FOR JOUSTING PEEPS ON MONDAY.  Please post questions in the comments


  1. I love your entry. :)

    And I have a question for the jousting peeps. Should I throw in an extra surprise prize winner for my contest?

  2. I liked hearing about Dave again.

  3. Doctor Who fan here! Nice entry Erinn.

  4. This is so cute, Erinn. More Dave, please. :)

  5. HA! All my friends hate Eccleston, but I love him. :)

  6. Is Matt Smith's middle name Christopher? or am I missing something?