Thursday, March 24, 2011

HOCO Thursdays-The road I live on

I live in Howard County, it's one of the wealthiest area's in the nation.  It's been voted one of the best places to meet a geek and to live.  (I like geeks, they are my people, so being able to meet a geek would naturally make it a great place to live)

However not all places in HOCO are created equal.  I live in the "not as rich" part of the county.

A few weeks ago they started to fix the very old water main under our roads.  Now I realize that construction is going on and things won't be pretty.  However, my concern is more about what will happen when the construction is over, and what will happen to our roads. 


Yeah, they didn't know WHAT that is.
The main street of my development

Patch work from a year ago.
A road that was NEVER paved
This is in front of a house

Where the NEW patchwork cracked the road.

New patch work next to the OLD patch work

The road I have to drive down to leave my house
This road was NEVER EVER patched. 

I know it's asking a lot to repave the road when construction is complete.  It will be expensive and a burden on the tax payers.  I too, am a tax payer, I've lived in Howard County for ten years now.  I know all of the money is spent in Columbia, and I know Elkridge has the misfortune of being on the "wrong side of 95" but still, I'm a member of this community too.  I know how I feel when I drive down a road that hasn't been cared for.

It makes me feel worthless, like my home, my neighborhood isn't valued.

So Ken Ulman and all the people who are in charge, will you fix my road?  Thank you.


  1. Ooooooooh no. That is not good AT ALL. I'd be hella pissed too.

  2. Hi Something Else, I'll tweet your post out on hocoblogs, and I do encourage you to add this phrase -- hocoblogs@@@ -- to any hoco-focused posts you write. When you do so, that phrase (in your post) will automatically place your post in the Community section of :-)

    Also, may I suggest you send your blog post to Elizabeth Janney at @elkridgepatch.

  3. Hi Erinn,

    Thanks for pointing out this problem. My name is Ian Kennedy and I'm the County Executive's Deputy Chief of Staff.

    Not knowing what road you live on, I can't say whether these were Howard County crews or contractors, but either way, your concerns about the work are valid. I'm happy to look into the situation and work with the Department of Public Works to fix these problems. Feel free to contact me directly at or you can call me at 410-313-3075.

    Thanks again for writing this post. Because we can't be everywhere all the time, we rely citizens like you to bring issues like these to our attention.

  4. I'm sorry to see that the streets where you live are in bad shape. It is comforting, though, to know that it's not just in my little hick town out in the wilds of Montana! I will say that I'm impressed that your county officials have responded. Quickly. And politely. And actually POSTED contact information. Good for you, Mr. Kennedy!