Wednesday, March 30, 2011

But my spine doesn't bend that way...

Last night I started to go back to my dance work out class.  If you know me at all, you'd know that:
a. I don't dance
b. prefer to sit very still
c. I'm a general spaz.

But I'm been feeling pretty crumby lately and my friend suggested we go back to our class.

I haven't gone since September--- it wasn't pretty.

The  instructor wanted me to do things that my spine won't let me, because, you know, I'm not a slinky.
 As I watched the instructor lie on her stomach and arch her back in some unnatural form, and look pretty awesome doing it, may I add, I wondered how she and I could be the same species.  I would NEVER Be able to do that.


But when I wasn't staring at my shaking muscles, I was thinking about biodiversity.

Humans are amazing, aren't we.

Such a HUGE vast of interests and skills.

Think about how you got to work today, and think about the number of people you passed along the way.  Now think about all the people who helped get you to work today. The people who paved the roads, who designed the cars, made the cars, found the raw materials to make both the cars and the roads.

Look at all the books that have been written... all the topics.  Some topics are awful but the writing is superb.   Others the writing is unspeakable bad but the content is interesting.

Think about all the STUFF that's out there.

Think how every THING has a different levels of quality.  There's crappy pencils and then there's awesome pencils.

Human really are incredible.   We are diverse and still the same.

Tonight, after you drive home and eat your dinner, look up to the night sky and know you're doing the same thing humans have done for  thousands  of years.