Friday, December 10, 2010

Writers' getaway

 Once again, my daughter interfered with my writing life.  I saw the Writer's digest Conference and got all excited, all the agents, all the editor, all the awesomeness... then I saw the date.  Jan 21-23.  Yep my daughter's birthday party is on the 23.  This is because she decided to pop out a month early and screw up my writing plans three years ago.

She talks about her birthday party at least twenty times a day.

Being the ever good mom I am, I passed on the conference.


I was complaining to my good buddy Alicia and she said Holly wanted to do a meet up with bloggers. Hence my post a few days ago.

Then I got on board and the three of us have been planning up a storm.  Lots of super cool ideas have been kicked around, like meeting a conference or having a writer's retreat, maybe if we're super lucky we can score some pretty awesome stuff.

Anyway if your interested please click over here at Alicia's blog and Or Holly's Blog you can fill out the SUPER quick info survey.  Soon Alicia will send you a survey that asks what sort of things you'd be interested in doing.

By the way, I've seen the list of people who have already shown interest and guess what.... my brain exploded with the possibility of funesss.

I got the OKAY from my Hubby to go.  All I have to do is clean up the dog poop in the yard, which is smelly and gross and my job, since it's my dog.  Winter poop is sort of the best, because it's frozen and not as smelly.  And it's way better than Fall poop which gets tough to tell what is poop and what is  a leaf. 

Down side, my dog started pooping like six times a day. 


In other news there's lots of very cool contests going on.

Kathleen Ortiz is giving away a prize a day until the publishing industry shuts down for the holiday.
Go check it out.