Thursday, December 09, 2010

Traveling and plants don't mix well.

I went away over Thanksgiving Break down to South Carolina.  It was a ten hour drive.

I'm pretty good with long drives.  Back in college I used to travel 3 hours on the weekends to go home.

But three hours was about my max.

Beyond three hours and I'll fly.

Then nearly three years ago, something happened.  I had a kid.

Yep. A kid.

I didn't want to give up traveling.

But I certainly didn't want to fly with a baby. NO ONE likes that person.

So the long car drives started when she was nine months old.  We've traveled to South Carolina three times, up to Boston and down to Disney World.

My kid is an AWESOME traveler.  She only watches one movie for long car rides and the rest of the time she entertains herself.

Long car rides make me feel sort of zen.  It's the feeling of every mile gets you to your destination.  Every mile is a way of feeling productive.   We'll get there. Even if we're trapped in traffic, eventually we'll get there.

Insert Obligatory Writing Reference here : It's the same thing with writing... every draft makes you stronger.

The drive down was fine.
The trip was great.
I got a TON of writing done.
We watched How to Train Your Dragon a billion times.

It was wonderful.

But when we got home tragedy struck.

All my plants died.

They were outdoor plants that I never watered or took care of.  So it wasn't the lack of love of my part that caused their death.

Even the Chia Pet didn't make it.

Sigh.  Homer looked like a crazed hillbilly serial killer.   It was a sad day in our household.