Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Road Trip Wednesday- My life in 6 words

So there's the famous story about Hemingway and some other guy.  Other Guy bets Hemingway he can't write a story in six words.  Hemingway writes, "for sale, baby shoes, never worn."

(BTW I wonder how many people will post with that little tidbit of information- my guess is four.)

The YA Highway is asking us to write our life story in six words.

I lived, I loved, very awesome.

All forms of entertainment are important. 

The universe is endless, life isn't.  

In other news made out of AWESOME:
So yesterday I posted that I thought we, bloggers,  should meet up at a con.  I won't lie, I sort of jumped on the idea from my good friend Alicia and follow blogger Holly.    We started chatting and came up with this idea.

Bunches of blogging buddies, one trip, loads of laughs and learning along the way.  Critique sessions, all-night giggle fests, whatever your heart desires from the friends you only thought existed online!  If you're interested in being included in the awesomeness, give us your name and email address below.  Alicia is going to send out an email to everyone who responds with a survey. 

We're using the survey to determine the where, when, and how so that the most people possible can be accommodated.

The three of us are super excited about the possibility of meeting all of you in person!

If you're interested in this please head over to Alicia or Holly's blog and sign up.  I would have a sign up on my blog, but I'm not smart enough to embed the cool gadget thingy.  **hangs head in shame**


  1. I prefer the classic two sentence horror story..."The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door..."

  2. I love "The universe is endless, life isn't." Sometimes succinct writing hits the spot. And I forgot it was Hemingway that wrote the shoes one!

  3. creative woman will write for food.

    how's that? :)

  4. I agree with Sarah. I love "The universe is endless, life isn't." Great job, Erinn!

  5. This was soooo hard. I like the first one a lot. :)

  6. The entertainment one reminds me of the saying "Time you enjoy wasting isn't wasted."

    whoa that's also six words. GENIUS.

  7. I love that Hemingway line. It's so poignant. And that Kate is genius. My favorite is the universe line.

  8. I love all three of these! So true about the universe... really gets you thinking. :)

  9. All great! :) The universe one is definitely my favorite.

  10. "The Universe is endless, life isn't" - WOW. I love it!

  11. "She wasn't everyone's cup of tea." :)

  12. I lived, I loved, very awesome is my fave. There is so much to celebrate in life and this sums it up.