Friday, March 02, 2012

Happy birthday to me!

Today is my birthday!


I'm 33 years old and here are my goals for the next year:
1) Finish revising two books
2) Query Penny and Hank which has been renamed to Accidental Quarantine.
3) Get an agent
4) WOA 2.0
5) Figure out Google PLUS
6) FINALLY GET 200 followers.

If you want to get me a birthday present, comments are like awesome but getting a friend to follow my blog for no other reason than I'm awesome not because there's a prize involved...


Yeah sure, why not- I'll throw in 33 page manuscript critique just for giggles. 

All you have to do is leave a comment about your favorite birthday gift ever and follow my blog.  That's it!
I'll pick a winner when I get 10 new followers!  It's a tiny number it should be easy, right?


  1. happy, happy Erinn day!! I hope all your b-day wishes come true!

  2. You don't need to enter me for the critique but I wanted to say happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! (No need to enter me in the contest since I don't need critiques at the moment.)

  4. Happy Birthday! The best birthday gift is always the differential treatment you get on that one day. On your birthday, all of your weird habits are ignored, the pet peeves that drive people up the wall are exempted. So, I guess this is the best type of birthday present because it is the closest you will every get to being a Disney princess. Don't deny it because deep down, we all want our own singing number with brilliant choreography, and a band that just happens to use everyday objects to create a stunningly amazing catchy tune. And good luck with finding an additional 6 followers.

    1. The above was posted by "~lintroller821."

  5. Hi, Erinn,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Okay, I just noticed I am almost a week late, but I mean it. Love the pic.

    I wish you all the best in your endeavors this year. I know you will make it. Determination is the major factor... a few connections and talent doesn't hurt either... lol. ALL THE BEST!