Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Monday: Peace before the choas

Happy Monday:
Genre: Life
Topic: Peace

First of all,  I wanted to thank everyone for my birthday wishes. My birthday was quiet, we saw  "The Lorax"and my daughter has a new orange imaginary friend who speaks for the trees and I couldn't be happier.

At the moment I'm writing this, my daughter is taking a nap, my dog is sleeping and my husband is judging a lego competition.  The house is silent.  I can hear the roars of the planes passing over head and the ticking of my DVR (and I have NO idea why it does that).

I just finished Anna Dressed in Blood (AMAZING), I have only one load of laundry left to do, and I finished revisions of a WIP. 

I am completely at peace.

In a few minutes, my daughter will wake up and demand attention, the laundry will beep and require folding, my husband will come home and will also demand and require attention and probably some food too.

Within the next few days I'll get a phone call and I'll have to attend my grandmother's funeral. My daughter will spend the night with a friend and I'll have to scramble for subplans.  My life will be thrown into chaos all out of my control (and of course isn't that what is chaos--- people tend not to complain too much about manageable chaos).  I will be faced with a highly personal death and I'll have to deal with my feelings. 

However this isn't a woe is me post or a mourning about my Grandmother. 

Because right now, in this moment, it's silent and peaceful.  Everyone I love lives, and it's basically perfect.

Right now I'm happy.

Right now I'm going to ignore the text from my cell phone and listen to my dog snore. 

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