Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Monday: An Idiot Aboard 2

Happy Monday:
Topic: An Idiot Abroad

I loved An Idiot Abroad.  I refused to finish watching it on my DVD because I didn't want the series to end.  Karl is a very simple and yet semi brilliant man who is befriended/bullies by Ricky Gervis.


In the first show, he was sent to the 7 wonders of the world.  He wasn't impressed.  Seriously.  He tried to feed a chip to a boa constrictor because he thought the snake might like it. 

The second season is on The Science Channel and it's totally amazing.  It's a bucket list.  He could pick off of a list of 100 items anything he wanted, and then Ricky and Steve would add some things in for fun.  What really sums it up is, during the Trans Siberian railway, he got off for a day trip.  He dug his own grave and laid in it while he was buried alive.  That was the most relaxing thing he did during the whole trip.

Karl has a girlfriend and they've been together for 14 years.  After going to Bangkok he met with some Ladyboys.  It blew his mind.  He said if his girlfriend told him she had been a man but all her bits were working, he would still love her.  WOW!  What a HUGE growth from the human being from the first season.  Then he follows it up with, "but she'd have to carry more stuff.  No more of this making me carry her stuff because she's a woman. I would say, "your a bloke, carry your own sh**."

The clip is here:  It's amazing. Enjoy.

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