Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Food fail

Over the summer in a rest stop in North Carolina, I saw a man that looked like a real life character Jason Stathem would play.

He was HUGE, but he was walking a dog that looked like this:

But the MOST distrubing thing at the rest stop was this.

Ok it was in a vending machine, BAKING in the direct sunlight.  For those of you who can't read the little picture here's a zoom in.
Big Mama Pickled Sausages... artiicficially COLORED. it's so artitifically colored they needed to write it TWICE.  There are SO MANY things wrong with this.

Can you find at least one?  Leave it in the comments.


  1. There's one rest area along the northbound lanes of I-55 in Illinois that had pickles in the vending machine and chicken soup as one of the options in the hot drink dispenser.

  2. ugh. That looks as if it would not treat the body well. (Though the girl on the label seems cool with is)

  3. My brain lives in the gutter 24/7, so you know what I see wrong with it...

  4. "chicken soup as one of the options in the hot drink dispenser." chicken soup thats like my heaven