Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Disney Fail

I went to Disney World last week with my family.  It was my daughter's second time going but the first time doesn't count at all, since she was 1 and didn't remember it. 

Diseny does EVERYTHING RIGHT.  Seriously it's amazing.

Do you know why Disney World is SO clean?  It's because they did research and found that someone will hold on to their trash for up to 500 feet if they can't find a trash can.  Then they will drop it.  There are at least two trash can in eye sight no matter where you look.  WOW.

But no one is 100% perfect.

Downtown Disney is a shopping center near the parks.  Downtown Disney holds the only Disney employees who look like they hate their jobs.  Seriously.  Every employee in every park, and resturant loved their job, Downtown Disney was the only place that looked like the rest of America.

Anyway hidden in the back of DTD is a discount gift shop.  And when I say Discount gift shop I mean it has all the same things all the other stores have, it's just broken down by price.  Nothing in the store is over $20.

There's also these things call grab bag.  Mystery Bag that are sealed off and for $8 you can buy one.

Guess who bought one?  THIS GIRL.

Overall it was a pretty good haul.  I got a water bottle, a little travel comb/mirror thing, a minnie mouse pen, and then I GOT THIS:

Um, yeah, so what does this look like to you?

How did this get approved?

How long was it sitting on the shelves before it got pulled? 30 seconds?  A day? A month?


Then I got this:

It looks like Tink was taking a drive in Figment's car for a little too long.

Oh Disney, thank you.


  1. Now I get it! Ahhh, those items are beyond awesome.

  2. Okay- I admit, I had to stare at the race car for a minute...hahaha. And, you are right on Tink!

  3. It really shouldn't be surprising that Disney has these things. Does anyone else remember the subliminal perverseness in The Little Mermaid?

  4. LOLOLOL! It's what Ace and Gary would ride if they went to Epcot (andI hope you watched SNL so you get the reference!)

  5. HA! Alicia, I HAVE the original Litte Mermaid cover with the castle...uh...mishap. ;)

    This is hilarious, Erinn. lol No wonder they were hidden inside a grab bag!

  6. hahahaha! Oh, Disney. If I ever get down there again, I am definitely buying a grab bag!

  7. Tink does look a little creepy!