Friday, August 05, 2011

Five for Friday-pics to inspire.

Over at the Paper Hangover, they are asking us to post the five pictures we are most inspired by. 

So here we go, in no real order:

Creep Ass Chuck E Cheese.   He's going to eat my soul and poop it out.  He will murder my family and friends just before he forces us to watch reruns of The Jersey Shore and translate it for Japanese Television.

My all time favorite graffite, it's written on a train in my neighborhood playground.  It says, "people made out in here."  I've been meaning to write a short story about it, but I've been distracted by life.

Douche, nuff said.

Penis car.... nuff said.

And this one is serious, I found it a few days ago and I instantly loved it.

It's called fangirl.  And I think it's perfect.  I'm always amazed at how one piece of art can inspire SO many other pieces of art. 

So what inspires you?


  1. You are hysterical. And I still love that HP's beyond precious.

  2. These are so fun! I'm not one to condone graffiti at a public park, but I do sort of love the "People made out in here." I can totally see how it inspired a short story!

  3. I adore that HP fangirl picture :)

  4. Love these! Except Chuck E cheese who scares me.

  5. I'm still waiting for the story based off the graffiti. Get on it. LOL

  6. Ohmmygosh - I will never look at Figment the same way again!

    Love the grafitti one too. Awesome.

  7. Some of these are hilarious, but oh gosh, I love that last one. Fangirl indeed!

  8. Great pics....

    I totally agree with your Erinn, art is very inspirational.