Monday, August 01, 2011

Music Monday

Yes I know, I missed a few posts, but I have a TOTALLY legit reason, I was in Disney World with my three year old.  And I assure you there will be MANY posts about that trip.   Stay tuned on Wednesday for tips about the park and what toys you should avoid.  Spoiler NOT EVERYTHING you buy at Disney is intended for children.

Anyway back to Music Monday.

I've talked about this band called All Time Low.  I've even shared a time where I went to one of their concerts, releazied I was the oldest person there who WANTED to be there and was NOT accompanied by a teenage girl.  I also yelled at a girl in a wheel chair.  Yeah it wasn't my best moment.

All Time Low  were signed by a label before they graduated high school.  Their album It's So Wrong It's Right, is really very solid.  More so when you factor in they were in high school when they wrote it. 
Dear Maria (Count Me In) a song about a stripper (not Haley Williams as many people thought) is one of the catchiest songs on the album. But Remembering Sunday is the first hint that this band is GOING somewhere and it's going to be amazing.

The next album Nothing Personal wasn't as good.  Weightless, was a great song, but the rest of the album falls flat.  In fact the album broke my heart.  According to iTunes I've only listened to the album in it's entireity one time, compare to ALL the other albums 6-10 times.

I was a little leary of Dirty Work their first major label debut.  Would they sell out?  Would they go down the dark and alchol soaked path of Nothing Personal?

No, it's awesome. I can't stop listening to it.  It's all the energy of It's So Wrong, It's Right but added in with life experience, dealing with fame, heartbreak and apparently one super bitchy ex girlfriend.  This is the first album that is getting radio play, which is pretty amazing.  Their single  'Feel Like Dancing Tonight' is tons of fun.  But Time Bomb and Under a Paper Moon is where the album shines.
Buy the deluxe edition you get LOTS more songs for your money. 

Note: the reviewers on amazon do NOT feel the same way I do, but the people who bought it on itunes DO agree with me. 

I will say, I have NOT listened to the youtube clips, so I don't know if the sound quality sucks or not. My hubby is taking a nap and I don't want to wake him. Sorry wife duties come before fan girl duties.

Here a few samples:
Dear Maria, Count Me In

Remembering Sunday


I Feel like Dancing

Time Bomb

This band is worth checking out, please do so.