Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Story-it's so shiny!

I have a new idea for a novel.  I'm about 25 pages into it.  While I was at Weekend of Awesome, I did the following things:
Gathered resources for research
Wrote up a COMPLETE outline
Created 10 different worlds (it will make sense when you read the pitch)
Created character sheets
Wrote the first 23 pages.  

I have to say, I LOVE this idea.

This is the sort of book I'd want to read and since that's the single BEST advice I keep repeating I figured it's about time to follow it.

Um, Erinn, don't you have OTHER BOOKS, you've written?

*awkwardly glances at the side bar* um, yeah.

Well, what's going on with them?

*awkwardly stares down at my feet* I'm doing stuff with them.

Really?  Are you?


I'm revising them.  And stalling.

Erinn, why are you stalling?

Because I don't know if you got the memo, but writing is hard.  VERY hard.  And it's heart breaking.  I'm querying one book, and honestly I don't really want to go through that stress again.  not right now.

But I have a plan.  A serious plan. And if I blog about it, I feel like it holds me accountable.


Write Universal Breakdown over the summer- First draft to be completed by August 20.

Revise New York Karma and send it to one last beta (Little does Holly realize it's her... insert evil laughter here.)  By October.

Revise Penny and Hank and send it off to beta's (WOA girls and writer's group) Decemeber.

Start to query New York Karma; March 2012.

Revise Universal Breakdown. March 2012.

Yes it takes me a long complete the whole process. Mostly because I put a HUGE amount of time between drafts. 

But this is my logic, if (when) I get THE CALL, and the agent asks, 'what else do you have?" I can say, "Well, I've got three other books sitting on my harddrive, wanna hear about them?"

With every book, my writing get stronger, I learn more about the industry.

Besides, the logic, a new book idea is so exciting.  It's so shiny.  It's so pretty.  New characters to play with, new worlds to explore.  Is there anything better?   I say no.

Wanna hear an early pitch?

When Cassandra is laying in her bed, she can see paraelle universes.  One blink and she's surrounded by dinosaurs, another blink and she's in a world where Hilter won WWII, one more blink brings her to the world where the boy she's in love with lives.  But the membranes holding the universes together are breaking down and now she must travel between them to help build the one device that can save not just her universe, but all universes.  The good and the bad.

Ok so that's an early verison of the pitch, but cool right?

So I'm going off to go write it.

Later gators

Don't forget: 


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Please note due to content of the movie you need to be at least 17 to enter and to really really really really enjoy to movie you need to be 21. 

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  1. Bahahahaha!! It's the beta sneak attack method, I love it! ;)

  2. I'm looking forward to the next beta read. :)

  3. I think this is a great idea. I think sometimes it's more fulfilling to be working on a new project then trying to fix an old one. It's working for me, at least. :0)

  4. Your book idea sounds really interesting! Good luck! I think you have a good plan when it comes to querying. Having multiple books under your belt is a good thing.