Friday, June 17, 2011

Five for Fridays- Twitter

Paper Hangover asks:

Who are the top 5 people YOU should be following on twitter?

!) Agents you want to query-- BUT UNFOLLOW THEM WHEN YOU SEND YOUR QUERY. That's really important. Otherwise you read an agent saying, "Grr I've been locked out of my apartment by my cat for the tenth time this month." And of course you think, "Um, is that a metaphor for my book? It is, isn't it?"

I will completely admit to over analyzing tweets from agents. It puts me in an outrageously bad mood. I don't recommend it.

2) @realjohngreen Follow him. He's always witty and funny and when he's not, he's insightful or interesting. He's basically the best reason to be on the internet.

3) @TheOnion--- doing fake news for years before the daily show. The onion is one of the funniest and honest distractions on the internet.

4)@JackAllTimeLow and @AlexAllTimeLow -- so All time Low is a alt rock band from Balitmore. I'm a big fan of their music but I'm way to old to go to their shows. I learned from my last concert going experaince. Anyway this is why you should follow them: They are teenage boys (well now they're in their early 20's) but if you want to know what's happening in the mind of a teenage boy--- THESE ARE YOUR GUYS. It's sex, sex and more sex. Plus they're funny and clever. I follow them for "research." and I've found that when I'm writing a guy, lots of times what I write is very similar to what Jack and Alex would say.


One last day to enter my contest


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Please note due to content of the movie you need to be at least 17 to enter and to really really really really enjoy to movie you need to be 21. 

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  1. TheOnion is so funny. Love their headlines. Another funny one to follow is The Dos Equis Guy. His tweets are hilarious. I believe he's @TheeDosEquisGuy. Of course, he follows no one but has about 300K followers. Highly recommend.

  2. I am sooooo the same way when it comes to agents & Twitter (nuts). :) But the thought of unfollowing them? It's soooo smart (but I probably can't force myself to actually do it)!

    Going to check out @JackAllTimeLow and @AlexAllTimeLow!

    Happy querying to you!

  3. You had me laughing on your agent rationale. So much!

  4. Great tip about following agents, made me laugh so much :)

  5. Eeheehee, love the agent part :P And fake news? That's a winner! :)

  6. Ooh, I don't follow The Onion, but I think I'll start!