Monday, June 20, 2011

The Winner is....

This post will come to you in a few parts.

Part 1:
The Winner of the The Room Contest is.....


Because her reason for wanting The Room is:

Because I checked it out after you all blogged about it, and holy crap. I MUST own this so I can share it with everyone I know. I'm having my first Room viewing party tonight before I send it back to Netflix.

And that, ladies and gentleman is the ONLY reason to own The Room.

Part 2:  The Patch.  So I write for this thing call The Patch, and I will be reviewing books for the Summer Reading Club over the summer.  But guess what, the books on the Summer Reading list are books I WANTED TO READ.  Seriously that like NEVER happens.  EVER.
I plan on reading, Ship Breaker, The Name of this Book is Mystery, If I Fall and a bunch of others. WOOT

Part 3:

My daughter has had a language explosion in the last few weeks. She's gone from talking like a little baby into talking like a teenager.  Her new favorite sayings, "are you kidding me?" But imagine it in a little three year old voice.  So stinking cute.
Then she was in a store with hubby and when he said, "we need to go to another story." she responded back with, "Daaaddd you're driving me craaaazzzzy."

And this is why I write YA, because I have a teenager at home.  A teenager trapped in a three year old body.


  1. HECK YES!! Thank you so much! The Room is like the gift that keeps giving. The people I showed it to are now determined to show it to everyone they know. I will not rest until everyone in America, nay the world, has seen this movie.

    Woot! Made my day. :D

  2. 'And this is why I write YA, because I have a teenager at home. A teenager trapped in a three year old body.'

    Which is an interesting premise when you think about it. It also means you're going to have almost twenty years of teendom.

  3. Aw :)The whiny "Daaaad" line is priceless! And congrats to Meredith, I'm so glad The Room will continue to inspire writers :)

  4. Meredith, you're a lucky lady! And Erinn, your daughter sounds too cute. :)

  5. Yay Meredith! Erinn, she is awesome (no surprise there)... it sounds like you will have your hands full for at least a decade!