Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Blog Idea

Ok I'm sort of stealing this idea from great bloggers like Susan and Abby who are focusing on queries.  But I like critiquing stuff.    I figured once a week one of my friends or followers would send me their first page and I'd critiquic it. 

Now I figured I'm come up with a crit scale as the level of depth the writer wants me to go through.

Level 1

For example it's a crappy first draft and you know it.  Your whole thought process was just to get it down on paper.  As long as there is at least one complete sentence then it's considered a success.  You just want to know if the hook is good.  Does it make the reader want to read more.  Is it "good"?   

Level 2

You've done one revision on your own.  You want a beta to read it. You know it's not perfect, but it's a lot stronger then it used to be.   You know the words still feel like words on a paper, not it's own world the reader sinks into it.  You're ok with that, for this draft.

Level 3

You've had a few beta's read it, they've made a lot of good points and you've fixed what you think are the major mistakes.  You think it might be ready to query but you want ONE more set of eyes to give you the OK.  

Level 4
You've got your query, it's perfect. But all these agents keep asking for the first ten pages of the book.  So that's got to be perfect too. (news flash the whole book should be that perfect, but we're not going to get all picky about it).  You don't want a fine tooth comb--- you want a microscope.   

The writer will tell me what level they want from their critique.  I'll post it on my blog.  

Are you interested?

If I get any takers I can start this next week. 

Let me know: email me at fussymonkey2 at gmail dot com.


  1. Great idea, Erinn! I'll pass along the word. :)

  2. Oh cool! this sounds like a great idea.


  3. It's an interesting, gutsy idea. It'll be fun to read the ones that have been submitted.

  4. Another comment to add that I'm currently rewriting my opening and won't have ready pages for another week BUT I would love to participate!

  5. Wow, you'll even crit first draft? Props to you!