Monday, May 16, 2011

Jousting Peeps- Doctor Who part 3

 A hero isn't interesting unless he or she has truly scary villian.

In his 900 years, the Doctor has collected a wide assortment of baddies.  The two who have been recurring and down right scary as all get out are The Daleks and the Cybermen.

The Daleks hate everything, they want to exterminate all non dalek life.  Yes they look like trashcans with a toilet plunger on their heads, but they scare the crap out of me.  The first time I saw one, I was like this thing is totally lame.  Now ANY TIME I see on one scene I freak the frak out.

The Cyberman are equally awful, mostly because they think they're doing the right thing.  They want to "Upgrade" everyone and make the as perfect as a Cyberman.  They're pushy but devoid of any feelings.   They're like that nosy neighbor who comes over all the time and thrusts awful food at you.  Even though you've told her your allegelic to peanuts and sleather a layer of peanut butter on everything and stands there until you've eaten it.  But refuses to give you a shot of your epipen. 

I listened to by hubby and that's why the Dalek is spelled wrong.


The winner and wow is it an upset.....  CYBERMEN!!!  

Yep, I have to say this is the first time I've totally disagreed with the peeps.  Because as the Daleks said in series 2, "Cyberman are superior in only one way, dying."


  1. I'm not even familiar with Cyberman and Daleks and I enjoyed this! My husband would like the outcome--he always cheers for the underdog :)

  2. Hubs would totally disagree with the Peeps, but I'm very much on board with them.

  3. Yes! I was definitely hoping the peeps would answer this age-old question for me. Now, would the cybermen really win, or is this just what the daleks want us to believe? I totally believe they could be in cahoots with the peeps.