Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stupid Toy Tuesday- Moon Dough Bunnies

I wasn't a fan of moon sand, so I had low expectations for Moon Dough.  Apparently not low enough. 

It's allergy safe, wheat free, and never dries out, which means it has sort of a weird texture, it's like slimy but not at the same time.  It defies all logic.

And it crumbles and it's a pain to clean up.  Playdoh is SUPER easy to clean up, one piece can clean up everyone every piece just by pressing them together.  It's like magic.  Moon Dough does not have that same magically quality.

But it does come with a mold.

If you squish the right amount of Moon Dough into the top, a bunny pops out.  Repeat the process until you run out of Moon Dough or you want to swish the bunnies.

Never would I have believed my daughter had psychopathic tendiences until I saw the insane joy she got when killing these bunnies.  Well first she made like 15 of them and lined them up like an army and the squished the crap out of them. 

And if you didn't put enough of Moon Dough in the mold you got some creepy mutant deformed bunny spawned from Gund's worst nightmares. 

Moon Products-- I am not impressed.


  1. I love your child. I'd squish the bunnies too. Dumb bunnies thinking they're all cute... ;)

  2. I'm thinking the Moon Dough bunnies are like bubble wrap. They're just made for squishing.

  3. You so should've posted pictures of the deformed bunnies. I'd like to see that.

  4. oooh, I feel like I dodged a bullet here. thanks for the review.