Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blog News

I will no longer be doing Stupid Toy Tuesday, I'm going to be dropping my blogging schedule down to 3 days a week so I can focus on writing. 

If you would like me to critique your first page of ANY WIP... please email me.

fussymonkey2 @ gmail dot com

So far I don't have ANY entries... so yeah, it can't work unless people submit. 

Tomorrow's post will most likely be a book review because I got a shiny new ARC in the mail on Friday.....



  1. Great plan to blog just 3 days a week. That's what Quita and I decided to do as well--unless we take part in some kind of blogfest. Oh, and I'll tweet about your 1st page critiques again. :)

  2. I'm sending you a page now :)

  3. Yeah, blogging more than 3 days a week is just too difficult. I don't blame you. And I look forward to your review!

  4. Funny, I could've sworn you've said this before... Deja vu?

  5. great idea-- i should follow! I have been avoiding twitter like the plague because I want to stay focused on writing. :0)