Monday, May 30, 2011

4 part monday

Part 1
No more Jousting Peeps-  Due to the lack of interest I'm closing down the feature.

UNLESS everyone collectively freaks out now and I get like a billion comments demanding they come back.

Part 2
The Winner of the Ghost and The Goth and the Queen of the Dead contest


It was picked by a random number generator... I know it sounds fishy since she's one of my BFFs but it's all random. 

(I still haven't paid her from the last contest she won back on October Erinn Fail)

Part 3
I'm an author... well sort of.  I've decided to cut back on my blogging to focus on my writing over at the Patch.   wanna here the best part? I"m getting PAID.  Seriously it's so weird to get a pay check for something I love to do.  I mean I get a pay check for teaching but still, it's just weird.

If you wanted to check out some of my articles you can see them here.

Part 4
Glee-  I watched the season finale and yeah, I'm done.  Everything about the show is SO hit or miss.  It has some incredible moments but it's cover in unwatchable drek.  Quinn's sad so she cuts her hair? WHAT?  HUH?  Quinn the most UNDERRATED character on that show, her big moment was a hair cut?  Oh and Finn, really, what do you see in Rachel?  Brittany is the ONLY reason to watch that show.  Brittany: ''Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?... Yeah.'' <-- not even in that episode.
Glee, I"m sorry but my life is too busy and I'm going to have to break up with you for The New Girl next season, because that looks A MAZ ING.



  1. The Jousting Peeps were AMAZING! You should totally bring those back!

  2. NOOOOOO! bring back the peeps! I love them so much!

  3. Nooo! You should totally bring back the peeps! I think the only time I didn't comment was when they were based on Dr. Who--because sadly, I don't watch that show. :( But I LOVE me some peeps. Oh, and I agree with you about Glee. So not good. I think Santana is the only good thing about it.

  4. Brittney and Santana are the highlights for me, for sure. Finn and Rachel win the couple that bore me to death award. At least once an episode my husband and I turn to each other and say, "how could anyone care whether these duds get together or not?"
    Peeps 4 evah!!!!! How will we answer life's major questions without them????

  5. Maybe you should ask the Peeps whether you're done with the peeps. They might be upset.

  6. Sorry to hear you have to cut back, but I can relate. It's a lot of work in the bloggosphere and can distract a lot from writing.
    Nahno ∗ McLein

  7. So late, but I agree- Satana is the best thing about Glee. I just might have to break up with it, too. And that is so awesome that you are getting paid for The Patch- CONGRATS!