Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stupid Toy Tuesday- My Little Ponies.

I'm a girl.
I'm a girl who grew up in the 1980's, which means I watched a lot of cartoons.
Jem, She-ra, (who deserves her own blog post one day) but the BEST was My Little Ponies.  I loved the cartoon but I also loved the toys.
Oh they were glorious.  Moondancer was my favorite.  

Then I grew up... Stupid time. As a married woman, I walked around Target with my hubby and what did we see, but MY LITTLE PONIES.   But now Moondancer looked like this.

The 2000's pony is thinner and we wonder why girls have such awful body images, even horses need to be a size 4.

Then my husband bought all the Little Ponies he could.  My hubby is a collector and needed something to hunt for... and I ended up with EVERY PONY in Maryland.  Flash forward five years and I find out I'm preggers.  And when we found out I was going to have a little girl,  my first thought now I have to SHARE my ponies! Then I thought my daughter's teenager years were going to suck, because that's the life of a teenage girl... sucky.

So when my daughter started potty training, she got a pony every time she pooped on the potty. It was the poop for a pony program.
That's a TINY fraction of all the ponies she has.

Over the years Hasbro has reduced the size of the ponies. 

Then a few weeks ago she discovered the NEW My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic TV Show and since she had surgery so got a few new toys and I noticed some differences.

The two pink ones are the EXACT same pony, but "reimaged", Look how the eyes have changed and heads have changed,  they're thinner and have cute smiles.  OH AND LOOK HOW SMALL THEY ARE!

The yellow one with pink hair went to my staff development meeting with me.  She was jammed in my back pocket by some three year old as I was walking out the door.  Some ponies have brushable hair, some are all plastic. 

Then there's princess Celestia, she's the princess because she's the tallest. (yep, stealing ideas from Invader Zim... which the world would be a better place if MORE things were stolen from Invader Zim.

But the ponies from the early 2000s and current ponies can't play with each other.  Look at the scale of the differences between two ponies and their playsets. 

My Little Ponies, how I love you... but it's still a fail.  And I don't want to talk about how much money I've dropped on these damn things.

bonus points if you can tell me who this guy is:


  1. Oh my gosh--that is too weird and sad. This is a serious piece of investigating reporting that needs to be on the evening news (or a show like CBS Sunday Morning)--I'm not kidding-this is a great example of imaging gone wrong. That's CRAZY. I had the original Moondancer too, and I resent her being sized down. Wow, I'm totally telling all my fellow 80s friends about this. Thanks for the alert :)

  2. I was definitely a Jem and She-ra girl. In fact, I had both of their dolls/action figures. However, I never jumped on the My Little Pony train. They frightened me. Why were these mammals pink and purple??

  3. She-Ra all the way for me. You know they did the same with Barbies that they did with MLP, right? Current day Barbie can't fit into 1980's Barbie's clothes because current day Barbie is too skinny.

  4. The resizing of My Little Ponies is one of the things that upsets me. I decorate ponies based on shows at the theater I work at or well whatever I feel like. It all started with Punk Rock Pony. But since the most recent changes I can't dress them up cause I can't fit clothes on them. They are too small now. I now search Goodwill for the early 2000s ponies.

  5. My daughter loved these, but hardly plays with them anymore. I can send them to you to add to your collection when she's done.

    I'm too old to have been a My Little Pony player myself.

    If you get a chance, please visit my blog. I'm holding a 500 follower contest. Great prizes!

  6. Never got on the the Pony Wagon, myself. I was an 80s child and my thing was Care Bears and Hello Kitty.

  7. I love My Little Ponies as a kid, but haven't followed them since. This is sad =/

  8. Wow those new ponies ARE skinny. Why did anyone think that freaking horses needed to lose weight?? I wonder if they did the same thing to Care Bears :(

  9. Sad, indeed. I would have been big into them if they were a cartoon and all when I was little. I loved anything to do with horses.

  10. I got a My Little Pony birthday cake for my 6th birthday (decorated by my extremely talented mother) and it was the COOLEST birthday cake ever! It is crazy to see how much they have changed...

  11. I wish you could do one of these to show how much Hasbro screwed up Littlest Pet Shop too. All their toys look like they're made up in this Anime/Manga style now instead of this classic American animation. Just like how Disney converted from amazing hand-drawn films into nothing but CGI, just like everything else.

  12. What have they don!?
    This makes me cry!

  13. I'm actually frigging happy. I myself am a brony and I think the first ponies are cute but the g3 ponies are stupid. I think FiM is far the most popular between teenage guys. He is spike, btw. They are not stealing ideas, and these new ponies are actually more popular with teenage guys than kids. Guess why we are a huge fanbase.

  14. that creature is named spike i want the origanile ponys back it makes me pissed off to see them so small and rainbow dash sghould not have WINGS

  15. That little dragon creaturenis called Spike, a baby dragon which Twilight Sparkle found and adopted as her pet/personal assistant. He doesn't act like a baby though.

  16. I like the fact that almost nobody in this blog watches the show.