Monday, March 21, 2011

Peeps... the jousting kind, day 1

I discovered a brand new way of making decision.

Two peeps go in, and one is declared the winner. 

It's kind of the best thing entire world and I'm thinking about making it a regular feature on my blog. But first I need to be sure it's the right thing so I will ask the universe. 

I was very excited about this and told my family about it.  My parents were less then enthusiastic about it.  I think they were questioning how I was related to them.  But my husband was more supportive, he went out and bought me an army of peeps.

Life does not bode well for these sugary warriors.. for this experiment green means GO-- peeps should be a weekly feature on the blog, and pink means Stop, Erinn what are you doing, this is super dumb.

Place two peeps on a HEAVY DUTY paper plates.

 Now they are armed for battle. Weapons of war.   Stab the peeps with "swords" or toothpicks. 
The battle arena!

 30 seconds later the peeps expand

EXPANDING... that's what victory looks like.

Seconds after taking the peeps out of the microwave, we have a winner.  The green peep has stabbed the pink one. 

The Universe has spoken, jousting peeps will be a weekly feature on the blog. 

Please pose a question to the universe (or me) and I'll have the peeps make the choose.  Leave your questions in the comments.


  1. LOVE this. too funny, needed that this Monday morn! Also, I am one of the few peeps that love Peeps.

  2. LOL Awesome, Erinn. I'll have to come up with a question for the Peeps. ;)

  3. Lol, this is great! Now to think of a question...

  4. I'll have to think of a question as well.

  5. I've always wanted to microwave those things, but I'm afraid I'll make a huge mess. I'll let you do the microwaving then :) Hmmmm ... a question. How about: Who's side are you on, ninjas or pirates?



    Oh, the humanity!!!

    So, tell me, can you eat them after you microwave them?

    This is pretty damn funny.

  7. This is amazing, Erinn! Love love it.


    This is full of all sorts of awesomeness.

    Also, the post-microwaved peeps are my favorite. Mmmmm, crunchy...

  9. *LMAO* What an awesome way to play with Peeps, toothpicks and science!

  10. This may be the best thing ever. EVER!

    Here's my question: should I stick it out with my WIP in a college setting or convert it to HS? I've kinda made the decision, but the peeps need to have the last word.

    And btw, there are chocolate-dipped peeps now. I wonder how those would hold up in the microwave...

    Marie at the Cheetah