Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stupid Toy Tuesday- FOR THE WIN!

I decided to do a post of Stupid Toy Tuesday about a toy I LOVE.  

I love every Melissa and Doug product we've ever bought.  It's the quality of the craftsmanship and the though that goes into every toy that impresses me. 

One of my favorites is the Melissa and Doug's spin art.

IT doesn't have excellent reviews in Amazon and it isn't a perfect toy. 

But it is an wonderful ten minute activity. 

Pop it out of it's box, yes it still stays in the box, suction it to the table, place the paper squares on the spinner and paint away.

My daughter does the paint, I do the spinning.  It's a hand cranked spinner and doesn't have the power of a battery opperated one.  (restaining myself from a joke here)

But because it's not as powerful the mess is minual. 

My God an arts and crafts project with paint and NO MESS!  Insanity you say, but I say neigh.

It's the prefect activity my daughter and I can do without one of us getting bored (me), and it always comes out looking awesome.  

I always feel like an awesome mom whenever my daughter and I play with it.    Then I shoo her off to go watch tv so I can blog and play on the computer for hours on end. :-)


  1. We had these in day camp. You plugged them in. Then the amusement park in NH (Canobie Lake) had a BOOTH of them. This was my favoritest thing ever.

  2. Oh, I had something like this as a kid that I loved. I may have to order the M&D one for Super Spawn now though! :)

  3. Very cool! We have a couple M&D puzzles and I love them all. Will definitely look into getting this for summer fun!

  4. Coolness! :D It looks so interesting, do you ever do anything with the paint squares? For more crafty projects?

    (And har har, jokey jokester. I laughed.)

  5. I love spin art. :D ..think Zoe will let me play with this one?

  6. You can paint with no mess?? Best invention ever!

  7. Melissa and Doug are great. Absolutely much better quality than a lot of other stuff, without a higher cost.