Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Best of 2010: Cool stuff

The top five event of 2010

5) Whale Watching in Boston- 
I saw a whole bunch of Humpback whales and being the sci-fi dork I am, my brain instantly thought about that Star Trek movie when the crew had to come back to Earth- it's an awful movie but  Whale Watching was awesome.  My daughter thought they did somersaults.

4) Project Nice-
This time last year I was being interviewed on a local news station for my blog be nice to a stranger.  My goal was to a do one nice thing for a stranger every day for the month of December.  Then I did it again in February- I ultimately did 65 nice things.  But I didn't stop there.  I asked around to see if other people could do 7 nice things in four weeks.  I asked them to write it up and I would post it on my blog.  It went from February to June over 180 good deeds were done.  Most of the people were complete strangers to me.  It was a wonderful example of truly connected we are via the internet.

3) Meeting Literary Agents-
I met Mary Kole, it was the highlight of an amazing writers conference.  Then a few months later I had a lovely phone conversation with Kathleen Ortiz.  You know what I learned, "Agents are people too"-- I had heard rumors of this but I didn't want believe.   But you know what, they are people and pretty cool people at that.

2) Weekend at Chrisfield MD.
I've been living in Maryland for 10 years now and this year was the first time I went crabbing.   I caught three or four all by myself.  I felt like a great hunter--- you know pulling a crab trap out the water and stuff.    But the best part was all the wildlife.  Besides the crabs, we caught gars, puffer fish and during high tide my daughter was able to pick up a baby crab.  Hubby's uncle caught a turtle.  I saw a sting ray.  I also read three books that weekend. It was amazing.

1) Flash Mob-
 I'm not picking this because it was the most recent event but because it was by far the most awesome.
To read all about it and see the videos click here.  
Lots of stuff went down included some awkward hand holding and a co working in at the wrong moment.  
It was a goal I had for a very long time and it was achieved.

2010 was a great year and I think 2011 will be even better.  


  1. I love project nice. SO AMAZING. Here's to a great new year. I have to go-- I'm reading this really funny book about pwning noobs.

  2. I technically got to speak to 5 agents this year: in person, over the phone, and over Skype. I have to say that "meeting" them was a highlight of my year, too--they became less intimidating! :)