Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Road Trip Wednesday- Best Book of December

I'm in the middle of a book binge right now, which means when I finish reading one book I start another one.  I've read a lot of books week and I plan on reading a few more before I need to go back to school next week. 

The books I've read so far

How to train your dragon: 8/10
Totally different from the movie- the movie and the book shared almost ZERO similarities expect for the names of the characters and that there were dragons.  That being said, the book was an EXCELLENT MG book.

Sh*t My Dad Says8.5/10
Possibly the best memoir I've read since the Know It All.  I laughed aloud at the Dad's logic and there was no point in the book where I doubted teh father didn't love his son.  The tweets he says are genius and the best part of the book.  Read this, go out and read this now.

Pay The Piper: 5/10
A modern retelling of the Pided Piper story with a dash of rock music thrown in.   I didn't love it.  I didn't hate it.  I had NO IDEA the main character was American though... I TOTALLY thought she was British.

Clockwork Angel
 Set in Victorian England it was a prequel to the City of Bones books, which I"ll admit I haven't read it.  It was an interesting story, the characters were well developed.  There was a tad to much description for my taste and it didn't make me want to rush out and read the next book in the series.  But it was a solid read. 

The BEST Book was

I am Number Four
AWESOME.  I'll admit it- I learned about the book when I watched the movie trailer and saw on of my students reading it.  Action packed.  Written in first person PRESENT-- impressive and interesting and not once did it take me out of the story.  It's about an alien boy who is being hunted by the alien race that destroyed his home planet.  There are nine surviving alien children- three of them have been killed, and the main character is number four. 
It's awesome.  Action packed, funny, sweet and a little bit of romance.

I am 120 pages into The 20 Boy Summer and next I plan on reading Anna and The French Kiss and Son of the Mob. 
More to come soon.


  1. Oi, I hate first person present. My brain flips it into past tense all the time.

    I have City of Bones, so if you want to borrow, let me know. You can be the second on the list.

  2. I've seen I Am Number Four's trailer too, but I had no idea it was a book. Thanks for the great rec. I'll check it out!

    Also, Twenty Boy Summer and Anna and the French Kiss are two of my favorite contemporaries of all time--hope you enjoy them!

  3. I read City of Bones before Clockwork Angel and it kind of ruined it for me. It seemed like the same story in a different time period, more or less. But I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Also, Anna and the French Kiss is on my to read list, too.