Monday, December 27, 2010

Best of 2010: Goals Recap.

Last year I set some goals for myself.  Those goals in black.  In April I updated the list... the ones in red means it was sucussful back in April.  The ones in blue means I failed back in April and the ones in green mean the goal status was still unknown. 

Purple is for the finally tally

1)Daughter  will learn her ABC and get potty trained. Daughter officially went to pee on the potty TWICE today.  Potty training VICTORY

2) I will try not to make chicken every night I cook. A few nights ago I made Pork Chops-- that counts right.  I cooked pork chops TWICE.

3) Learn all the lyrics to Diego and Dora, not just fumble through them like I do. EPIC FAIL... I still can't do it.  Daughter fell out of love with Dora and Diego but I can get about 90% of the song.  And bout 80% of the Phineas and Freb song.

4) Talk to my husband, not just hi's and day to day stuff but deep stuff. I plead the 5th,  Not the best but better than it was.


1) Find my desk My desk is that thing that holds my computer up, right? I found BOTH of my desks if only for a short time.

2) Raise my scores for assessments --- Don't know, scores aren't due until June.  HIGHEST ASSESSMENTS SCORES EVER!!!!

3) Try new things every year.--- Wiki Pages for students to do book talks... awesome.  WIKI AND A NEW BOOK--- Students are LOVING October Sky.  6 kids out of 60 finished it within a week.


1) Go to the gym more then once a week Kinda--I either go to the gym or take my "Dance" class.  Got out of routain of going to class but I do go on the weekends.

2) Learn something new every day. I totally learned something really snazzy yesterday about time but I totally forgot it. Learned a whole lot about flash mobs.

3) Take better care of myself... fail I gained 5 pounds and my neighbor asked me if I was pregnant. I think I should have truly define the meaning of "better care" of myself.  I started sleeping better which is awesome.


1) Finish 10th draft of NSAA= write 11th draft of No System At All Done Draft 11, waiting on feedback. Newest goal get that ready to query this summer.  I hit draft 15.  I plan on Query in February. For real this time.

2) Revise New York Karma- get it ready for a summer query Revised NYK- Done, I want to push NSAA forward sooner. NYK will get queried in Novemeber while everyone is doing NANOWRIMO. (I'm so evil)  FAIL--- got wrapped up in the edits for No System At all. 

3) Start writing sequel to NSAA Not a fail, but I started a new project  No Sequel but I'm CONSTANTLY thinking about it.  I did write Penny and Hank instead. 

4) maintain this blog and Be Nice To Strangers. Be Nice to Strangers was renamed to Project Nice, and it has something nice happening on it every day from Feb 1 to June 17. NICE WORK   Project nice was a success in my book. 


  1. It's good that you kept up with your goals like that. Maybe I should try something similar for 2011. :)

  2. You did a great job! I'm impressed :)