Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rewrite update 2

While everyone is doing Nanowrimo, I'm rewriting my novel.

Draft 13
328 pages 73K words
My plan was to start rewriting and working on draft 14 with  268 pages and 64K words.

Last week my page number and word count was:
280 pages and 68K --- . 

This week it's
270 pages and 65K--- what? huh?  how did that happen?  My word count went down?  Yep.  I cut another 20 pages out of my novel.  Cutting a grand total of 60 pages from draft 13.  I also wrote a whole bunch of new stuff too. 
I wrote about 20 pages of new plot, fleshed out my characters, made my conflict clear. 

I have to rewrite a MAJOR plot point. 

Here's the thing, at this moment, I'm pretty content with it.

I went to my first Nanowrimo Write In.  I really needed the time to focus on my writing. 

My goal is for the book to be no more than 300 pages, which currently gives me 30 pages to play around it. 
As always I'm hoping that my daughter will be taking VERY long naps this weekend. 

For the 4th installment of guess the art project:

Any ideas?  I think this one is pretty easy.


  1. way off with the mantis-- I guess turtle now for sure.
    Sounds like things are going well Erinn. I almost always end up with a reduction of words in a rewrite. Now I feel my WIP is too short as a consequence.