Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Road Trip Wednesday- best cliche

Road Trip Wednesday
YA Highway asks what's your favor literary cliche.

Language wise one of my favorites although Stephen King said you weren't allow to do it, adverbs next to the word said because it is an easy way to get your point across.

But story cliche.  My favorite by FAR is the Bad Boy with heart of gold.  The guy who hates everyone expect for the main female character.  YES YES YES.

When Edward saves Bella from the car in the parklot-  YES YES YES--- then he get's all lame and pusses out at the end of the book.  Urgh.

Damon from The Vampire Diaries--- YES YES YES YES... long before Ms Myers was writing a bad boy, L J Smith was KICKING ASS with it back in the early 90's.  

The one bad boy cliche that didn't work at ALL for me was Patch form Hush Hush.  Yep, not a fan at all.

Most hated Cliche--- stupid females protags.  ARUGH!   

This week I'm posting pictures of an art project I did with my two year old.  Try to guess what it was.  Friday it will be revealed. 
Next Wednesday--- I"ll introduce a super awesome contest too.  YAY
Art project clue:


  1. This is THE best cliche EVER!! I had to use that in my post (here:!

    & Yeah, Patch wasn't as "great" as everyone said he was. And stupid girls just make me want to slap some brains into them hehe

  2. love it.
    though I made some stupid boyfriend choices thinking the bad boy would actually amount to something. Oh, literature, why did you steer me so wrong!
    And not that I see everything as an insect, but I kind of do-- is that a preying mantis?

  3. Erinn, I talked about the bad boy too. You and are are sharing a brain.

    I think it's either a frog or a turtle. *Maybe* a snail.

  4. Is it a caterpillar?

    And I love said + [adverb], too. ;)

    PS - how am I not your follower? Somehow I've missed you... correcting now.

  5. Patch could have been better but I enjoyed the read anyway.

    Is the art project Kermit?

  6. KO has a point about bad boys in books steering girls' choices wrong...still, I like a good fictional bad boy every now and then...and a few real ones can be reformed...though most will just break your heart.

  7. Oh yeah. It works because it's real. Girls like bad boys.

  8. Somehow your comment made it to my spam folder, but I approved it, soo...

    Hi! :P :D