Monday, November 15, 2010

Nanowrimo- GOOD LUCK Week 3

Week 3 of Nanowrimo

How's it going?  Has reality sunk in yet?  How far are you? 25K or 150 pages?  Yep, this is the point in EVERY first draft I've ever written when I start to doubt.

How much backstory do I really need?

I'm only THIS far in the plot?

I've got HOW much more to write?

I'm no where NEAR my climax,  just a WHOLE lot of rising action.

Are your characters driving you NUTS?

Is finding enough time to live, eat, sleep and write getting to be too much for you? 

Do you feel like your climbing a mountain and you're no where near the summit?

It's ok.  EVERY writer has been there and anyone who says they haven't are filthy liars and should be punched in the throat!

You can do this.  Remember why you love this.  Because you do love it.  You're a god.  You're a world builder.  You are a better writer today then you were yesterday.

Push through the crappy middle.

You can do it.

If I can have a baby, you can write a few words.  Although I did have A WHOLE LOT OF AMAZING MEDS & FEEL A THING.  I napped through most of my labor, blogged a little and read a book.

So yeah.

Um, maybe Nanowrimo is a LOT harder.


  1. I found the best way to push through the middle during NaNoWriMo is lots of caffeine and zero thinking. :)

  2. I can just imagine the day they offer an epidural as part of the NaNo experience..