Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Logic of a middle school student

I've been teaching my 7th graders The Raven by Poe for the last week.

We've watched The Simpsons version of it.

We read it.

We listened to a professional actor read it.  T

hen we translated the entire poem into modern language.  I am personally a BIG believer in doing this.  It's how I've been able to understand all the classics I've read.

My version of McBeth has WAY more uses of the word "dude", than Shakespeare intended.

So after a week worth of studying the most famous American poem, a student raised his hand and said
"I have a question. Why didn't the narrator just walk out of the room instead of spending five stanzas yelling at a bird?"


Yes.  I agree.

I also question the interior design choose of putting a bust of Pallas over your chamber door.   One slam of the door and that statue's is a murder weapon.


  1. Too funny. Yeah if that bust fell on his head, he really would be nevermore. HA!

  2. Well, it IS Poe, who is a little macabre anyway.

    And in regards to Shakespeare retellings, have you ever read Shel Silverstein's version of Hamlet?

  3. That sounds like the kind of thing I would say. xD I didn't know there was a Simpsons version of it, though. INTERESTING...