Monday, October 18, 2010

Totally my whole belief system

Thank you Hank Green.  Thank you.

No matter HOW badly I screw up-- and I've been known to screw up pretty bad, my fails will NEVER match up to these fails. 

Real life FAIL

My biggest fail was when I locked my two year old in the car, with my keys in the front seat. We had to wait around for ten minutes for Hubby to come unlock the car.
Hubby was awesome about it and daughter didn't seem to be too fazed by it. Although she did look a little confused.

Writing FAIL
I queried a 135K chicklit book. 535 pages! WHAT! HUH? Why didn't anyone tell me I was the dumbest person alive. The title of the book "Love Wears a Suicidal Fish Hat."  Strangely enough, I sent out 20 queries and got 4 requests for material.   WHAT! HUH! SERIOUSLY? Everyone passed on it, and rightly so, because you know, it sucked.

Anyone wanna share their biggest fail?

Happy Monday everyone.


  1. hahahaha, i'm still chuckling at the name of your chick lit book. That's a classic.

    I don't know my biggest fail. I more have a running series of small and consistent fails...

  2. Worst fail? Who knows. I'm with Nomes. I'm having lots of little fails. Mostly with forgetting things.

  3. I slipped on a banana peel one time. I think that was... definitely a fail. Also, I trip going up the stairs.

    Actually, that's a really catchy title, which is what you want, right? xD