Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Road Trip Wednesday- Comp Titles

So a comp title is a book that is similar to yours but way more famous.  It's to help a agent understand where your book would belong on a book shelf. 

For my book How To Pwn Noobz a comp title would be Scott Pilgrim Verses the World and Things Not Seen.   (Thank you Ms Ortiz for the suggestions... You are in fact a mighty T-Rex)

For my book Penny and Hank, well it's a retelling of the Demeter Persephone Myth--- But if I had to make a comparison it would be a little like The Ghost and The Goth meets The Bullfinch's Mythology. 

For my book New York Karma the comp title would be Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist for adults.

And for the book I've never written and never plan to, it's a mix of Twilight with a dash of Harry Potter and a tidbit of The Stand and a whole lot of smutty smut smut and some sex too and the whole thing is about a werewolf questioning his sexuality and the ghost who is trying to convince him he's straight.   


  1. LOL Love the last one ;) I think I'd read that!

  2. i had an agent ask me to list all the possible book comps i could come up with. so i did. then the agent rejected me saying that the market was "too crowded" book comps can be good or they can be the frickin devil.

  3. love this- esp the last one. Please write that. i love it.
    Did you recommend the good, the bad and the weird? I feel like I remember hearing about it from you. I put it on my queue and saw it last week. Oh-so-good.

  4. I can't stand the idea of having to come up with a comp title, but it seems like you've done an excellent job of coming up with yours! Great job!

  5. I struggle so much with comp titles... but you sound like you have all of yours nailed!

    I love the last one. You should SO write that :-)

  6. From the look of your comps, it seems like Michael Cera may be starring in the movie version of one of your manuscripts. :)

  7. Great comps! And I agree. You definitely have to write that last one :-)