Monday, September 27, 2010


Saturday I went to the VirginMobleFest--- two years ago they had Bob Dylan and The Police, this year it was free and it was sort of lame.

Hubby and I left our house at 11:30, the concert is about ten minutes away.  I won't talk about the asinine parking cluster frak at the mall.  But I will say that the planners VASTLY  overestimated the situation.

Here's the thing. 
Two years ago the headliners were the Police, The Killers and generally HUGE names.
Last year the headliners were Public Enemy, Weezer, Blink 182--- again huge and recognizable names
This year.... drumroll please.... LCD Soundsystem.

You went from THE POLICE ( a reunion tour- BTW that was NEVER EVER going to happen)  to LCD soundsystem.   Really?

Here's the thing.  I know music.  I know more about it then most 31 year old mom living in suburbia and yes while I know LCD Soundsystem and yes, I know a few of their songs and I know they've been around for years, they are NOT main stage closers.  Sorry.

You can see the line up here --- BTW Ludacris wasn't even the closer for the second stage,  WHAT?  They put MIA there.  WHAT? HUH?  REALLY?  

Jimmy Eat World played at 1:30.

Jimmy Eat World created an entire genre of music and has had muptile hits on every CD they've put out since Bleed American (renamed after 9-11 to Jimmy Eat World).

Yeah.  Needless to say, Hubby and I saw Jimmy Eat World, walked around and left.  It was a free concert afterall.

I know I should be complaining about a free concert, because you know it's free and virginmoblefest is designed to be a charity event.  But I'm predicting that this year will be the last year it's free, if they do it again next year.

Since we left early we didn't get too much people watching in.  But we did see "Orange Shirt Guy, who was a HUGE Jimmy Eat World fan, he had hand gestures to the songs.  He was the kind of guy who drives around with the stereo blasting, banging on the steering wheel for the drum solos.   He rocked the  hell out during EVERY radio hit... the instant they  played something obscure he sat down.  Watching him I knew EXACTLY which albums he had and how often he listened to them.

He was highly entertaining.

I think he left a few minutes after we did.

When we walked out, the cops stopped us to help us get across the street to our car.  "You guys are leaving so soon?"

I didn't have the heart to tell him, "Dude like 90% of the people are going to be gone by 8:30."

Anyway what I did see that was SUPER nice.  It was 90 degrees and a guy working dropped a create of bottle water, people swarmed and HELPED pick up every bottle.  Not a single bottle was stolen.  I cheered LOUDLY for the people who helped.

Very cool contests going on at Adventures in Children's Literature.    It's a Giveaway for NEW BOOKS coming out this week!!!!  <--I just read a post about the awesomeness of explanation marks so I had to post it,



  1. Love this. And the 'Orange Shirt guy' :))

  2. Love the water bottle picker-uppers. Go them!

  3. i suddenly feel very old and inadequate. so yeah, um, thanks for that. :P

    i can't remember the last time i went to a concert...and those bands? they were bands, right? hmmmm....i guess i've become quite old. not just old, but oldy moldy old.

  4. The orange shirt guy sounds like he made it worth the trip ;)

  5. I'm with everyone, the orange shirt guy sounds worth it all!