Saturday, September 25, 2010

Awesome Music Month Winner Week 4

And the winners of Week 4 of Awesome Music Month are
Cid and Cindy.

With the comment
Cid: Yea thirty minute call!

I think if you have a list, sort of like a guide for what TO SAY, you'll be more likely to stray onto things you shouldn't say.

Research the agent - which yes, I know you have. Come up with some questions about her or her work; including her in the conversation could help put her at ease and not so much the 'having to put up with a sales pitch'. Ask what she reads when she's not wearing her agent hat. What her favorite new book this year is.    PLUS MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE
Cindy:  Ask what should be deleted, should extra parts be added. Are there any insecurities you have about particular characters or particular scenes? Ask if she felt those were weak spots or did they come across to her in a different way? Maybe almost quiz her on your characters and anything that you were planning to infer to see if those inferences, character traits, etc came through. Ask about the title - you have changed it, does she think that was a good change? What are the next steps? What are the in's and outs of getting your book published? Should this be a one shot deal or should there be a sequel? Was she satisfied at the end of the book? As a mother (I am guessing she is one?) is this a book she would be proud to see her child is reading?

Why did I pick it?
I picked both of the because they CLEARLY UNDERSTAND WHAT A HUGE SPAZ I AM AND THAT I NEED A SCRIPT WHEN SPEAKING TO ANOTHER HUMAN BEING... when things go unplanned, nothing good comes from it. 
Congrats to the winners!

Please e-mail me  fussymonkey2 at gmail dot com

I also want to thank anyone who  supported me during my Phineas and Ferb Addiction.  It's a long road and I don't think a recovery is in sight. 

53 songs 3.5 HOURS of music! 

There's A HUGE variety of music on the mix, from classic rock to music ruling the air waves now.

Trust me, you want this. 

You can INSTANTLY win a Mix CD if you run the same contest on your website.
 It's cheap, fun and easy.

Also if you like the music, please remember to BUY the full CD from the artist.  My goal with this contest is to spread the word about some bands I really like. 

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