Tuesday, September 28, 2010

memories from Virginfest from years past.


This my account of what happened during Virginfest 09

I went to VirginFest this weekend.  Richard Branson the owner of Virgin Music puts on these huge festivals.  This year it was free.  Totally free.  You paid $5 to have the tickets printed and mailed to you, which is VERY cheap for ticketmaster fees.  Anyway Jet, The Bravery, Public enemy, Weezer and Blink 182 among lots of other bands no one has heard of, were there. 

As great as the show was, the PEOPLE at the show were even better.   This one is color coded to help you with all the characters.

   In front of Hubby and I there was a group of college students.  The night started off with me just watching Gray Tank Top Girl hitting on Green Shirt Guy.  Gray Tank Top Girl was saying how she needs to dump her boyfriend because he's gotten all Pycho on her.  She leaning in very close to Green Shirt guy.  Green Shirt Guy listens very intently to everything she's saying, nodding along, smiling, and basically working  WAY too hard to get into Gray Tank Top's pants. BTW She's bl@wing him with every word that comes out of her mouth.  If they could find an excuse to get out of there, they would be having crazy car $ex. 
    The guy in front of them, but still in their group, isn't wearing a shirt, we'll call him No Shirt Guy.  A girl shows up from the crowd, says something to No Shirt Guy, dumps HIS beer on him and storms away.   Grey Tank Top girl jumps up to help No Shirt Guy,.  No Shirt Guy starts screaming at Grey Tank Top girl and Green Shirt guy jumps up to defend her honor (see he's working WAY too hard to get her to touch his dick)
Then Overly Concerned Girl calms everyone down and acts as the go between for NO Shirt Guy and Chick Who Poured Beer on him.   No Shirt Guy is SO upset he's crying ANGRY tears.   Then they all get up to get beer, a very logical choice and will clearly SOLVE all their problems.  They leave one guy, White Shirt Dude to defend their spot of invading concert goers.  White Shirt Guy hasn't moved the ENTIRE time of the event and it's a good possiblity he's dead, drunk or asleep sitting up.
Overly Concerned Girl and Gray Tank Top Girl vanish in  the crowd and these three girls step up camp in the open space.   White Shirt Guy tells them the space is taken and modestly defends the area. 
Green shirt guy starts chatting it up with the new girls and I was convinced there was going to be another fight between Gray Tank Top girl and Green Shirt guy, but alas,  she didn't see his flirty transgression.

After all the drama ended with that group a WHOLE NEW set of drama happened behind us.  The girl was crying and her boyfriend was attempting to make her feel better.  But she was yelling, "Stop talking you're only making it worse."   He keeps talking.  They're having this HUGE emotional talk (possibly a breakup) in the middle of the concert about 20 minutes before Weezer is supposed to go on.  Neither one of them make any motions to LEAVE the concert.

Look if you're going to have a fight with someone PLAN it out, you still have HOURS left of the show AND the drive home. 

When Weezer takes the stage, we find out WHY they didn't leave.  HE LOVES WEEZER.  He wants to marry them and have their babies.  I know this because he was singing IN HIS GIRLFRIEND'S FACE,  "If you want to distory my sweater..." Like the sweater was really a metaphor for their relationship.   By the end of the act, they're kissing.  Moral: Weezer will fix your relationship.

Lastly there was a guy who wanted to leave but he drove everyone.  No one wanted to leave,  and he "didn't even want to be there in the first place. He had to get up at 6 in the morning for work." For the record, Hubby gets up at 4 and I get up at 5:30.  This guy was SO pissed he started crying.   They left the same time Hubby and I did and he was STILL complaining about it.

Clearly there was very little Virginfest 10 could do to impress me as much as 09 did. 


  1. OH MY GOD, UNRAVELED! I love that song. So much. "If you want to destroy my sweeeater!" Unraveled (The Sweater Song). Equals. Life.

    I think this was my second favorite blog post of yours - the best was how Twilight would've went down if you were Bella xD