Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Road Trip Wednesday- Best Book of August

I read a few books this August, Lock and Key,  Numb, Maximum Ride and Perfect Chemistry.

Lock and Key is the perfect, girl in a bad situations and slowly changes her ways to get her life back on track.  It was a solid, filled with lots of all the stereotypes these sort of books have.  Although Sarah Dessen made them seem very fresh.

Numb- Well it left me numb.  It was a good story, at no point did I wonder why was this book published or was I pissed I spent the $10 to buy it, but I just wasn't too into it.  I am going to stop reading books because a certain agent sold them, instead I'm going to read books that come highly recommended.

Max Ride-  My students LOVE these books and I can see why,  lots of action, the characters feel read, the writing is attainable.  Yep I get it.  It made me want to read the sequel more than The Hunger Games. 

By FAR the best book this August was Perfect Chemistry.  It's about a perfect girl and the gang member who makes a bet he can sleep with her by November.  But the perfect girl isn't so perfect and the gang member isn't so bad.  They start to fall for one another and have a whole new slew of problems.  Predictable? Yes, but it was the good kind, the kind I love to read because even though I know what's going to happen, I still care enough about the characters to WANT to see it happen.  The characters were real and fresh.  Despite using the word PERFECT far too often in the beginning of the book, it writing was strong and I couldn't put it down.  Even though I was rocking a 101 fever and sort of wished for an early death.   I'm all better now.  I know you were all worried.
Also it has one of the FUNNIEST book trailer EVER!!!!!!

TODAY starts AWESOME MUSIC MONTH.   In celebration of all the very awesome music coming out this month, every week I will be giving away one music mix CD to a commenter.
How do you enter?  Leave a comment, if it's witty or funny or insightful.  It might win!
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Being a follower is not required but it will make it easier to find out if you won.
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The only rule is: if you like the music on the CD, PLEASE go out an BUY the artist's real CD.  Don't illegally download it or steal it.  If you thought the publishing industry was hurting, you should see the music industry.  YIKES.


  1. i liked perfect chemistry too :)

    and, yeah, how hilarious is the trailer! haha.

  2. Erinn, if you physically own Perfect Chemistry and Lock and Key can I borrow? I'll be sending back books I owe you soon. I promise.

  3. hey there girl! you just won my contest!! come on over!

  4. I've heard a lot of things about Perfect Chemistry!

  5. Yay Perfect Chemistry! I loved it too <333
    Haven't read Maximum Ride yet, I should get around to that...

  6. I had no idea we were reading some of the same books this month. I also really enjoyed Perfect Chemistry and Lock and Key. Great books. Yay!

  7. I have been dying to read the Maximum Ride books. Can't wait to get into those :)

  8. I keep picking up Perfect Chemistry and ALMOST buying it... gah! Might have to just take the plunge.

    And OK I really need to win your mixed CD because I bought Freelance Whales at your suggestion and they are blowing my mind, like on the daily.

  9. Perfect Chemestry sounds like a good read despite the standard story. It's a story that works, the trick is making it fresh.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better!!

  10. I almost bought Perfect Chemisty, but chose Dreamland instead. Now I must add it to my TBR!