Monday, August 30, 2010

Date Night, Awesome Music Month reminder

All about ME Mondays

My daughter was at a sleep over on Friday night, she's two and half and didn't miss us at all.  Which is awesome and the exact thing a parent wants to hear.  Anyway, while she was out having fun, Hubby and I had a date night.

Oh Date night, you are so very awesome.

We went to a nice dinner, the food was so good I physically couldn't eat any more which bummed me out because I really wanted dessert but my main course filled me up.

We went to see "Inception".  I love movies that make you think, I really do.  But I think when you buy the movie ticket they did to give a quick IQ test too.   Normally when two people go to see a movie, one person is smarter then the other.  I'm not trying to be mean or snarky, but the nature of human intelligence means that not everyone was created equal. 

I figured out the ending of the movie about a half hour in.  That didn't make the movie any less enjoyable.  In fact I liked it a little bit more because I could "see" the story telling in a different light.
Anyway there were people, I'd say at least fifteen in a theater with fifty in it, who figured out the ending in the last minute of the movie.   One person whispered the ending.  Then another.  And another.  It was like a wave of whispers pointing out the obvious.  Thing is, they weren't just pointing out the obvious but they were also explaining it to the people around them.

I won't spoil the ending because that's rude.  And it really was an EXCELLENT movie and you should go see it.  Like stop reading this blog and go see this movie.  And while you're at the theater, go see Scott Pilgrim too, that was awesome too.

Anyway, Saturday morning I took advanage my of kid free morning and got a hair cut.  It looks super cute.  But the hair stylist shaved the back of my head a little and now I don't know how I feel about the growing out processes.

I spent the rest of the morning walking around Borders and wishing I could read all the books.  I can't.  I don't have the time or money. But THE DUFF was on the book shelf!  How exciting. It's times like this I wish I had a TARDIS.  Sigh.

I picked up my daughter, she had a BLAST.  They went a walk, they had a pillow fight, they watched movies and the total number of hours of sleep?  Drum roll please.... 2 hours.
Let's take a wild guess who didn't want to take a nap either when she got home?

Remember September 1 starts AWESOME MUSIC MONTH.   In celebration of all the very awesome music coming out this month, every week I will be giving away one music mix CD to a commenter.
How do you enter?  Leave a comment, if it's witty or funny or insightful.  It might win!
You can also win if you run the same contest on your blog too.  This way I can enter and I might win a free CD.  YAY!  Just leave a comment to let me know. 

Being a follower is not required but it will make it easier to find out if you won.
Entries are from Monday to Friday.  All comments must be made by Friday 5 PM EST. Winners will be announced on Saturday.

The only rule is: if you like the music on the CD, PLEASE go out an BUY the artist's real CD.  Don't illegally download it or steal it.  If you thought the publishing industry was hurting, you should see the music industry.  YIKES.


  1. I just came across your blog.
    But I'm not witty or insightful :/
    my failings in life...

  2. Sounds like you had a great time. I think I envy you the Borders tour the most. I'm in a major "I miss the US" cycle at the moment, and the bookstores there were AMAZING. I miss them.

  3. With the advent of the ebook, the publishing industry is beginning to feel the bite of piracy as well. :(

  4. Date nights are awesome indeed! So glad everyone had fun. Hopefully your little one got back on her normal sleep cycle quickly!

  5. Love date nights - and they're even better when the little one is also having a great time, too!