Saturday, September 04, 2010

Awesome Music Month Winner Week 1

And the winners of Week 1 of Awesome Music Month is:

Sarah Enni

With the comment

I keep picking up Perfect Chemistry and ALMOST buying it... gah! Might have to just take the plunge.

And OK I really need to win your mixed CD because I bought Freelance Whales at your suggestion and they are blowing my mind, like on the daily

Why did I pick it? Because YES Freelance Whale WILL blow your mind.  :-) 

Congrats to the winners!

Please e-mail me  fussymonkey2 at gmail dot com

53 songs 3.5 HOURS of music! 

There's A HUGE variety of music on the mix, from classic rock to music ruling the air waves now.

Trust me, you want this. 

You can INSTANTLY win a Mix CD if you run the same contest on your website.
 It's cheap, fun and pretty easy.

Also if you like the music, please remember to BUY the full CD from the artist.  My goal with this contest is to spread the word about some bands I really like. 


  1. I can say, this woman makes the GREATEST MIX CDs EVER CONCEIVED BY HUMAN MINDS.

    So congratulations Sarah! =D

  2. YAAYYY I need new music like WOAH and Erinn's mad mixed CD skillz totally precede her. This is so awesome!!

    Might run the same contest on my blog in the next couple of weeks also, so fun!