Friday, September 10, 2010

7 Truths and 1 Lie-- the lie revealed.

 7 Truths and 1 Lie-- the lie revealed.

1) I’ve encountered a zombie, a demon, someone who may or may not be Kevin Smith and Bill Clinton. <--  TRUE I saw a demon at a Sum 41concert, a zombie walked into the comic book store I worked in and asked me if I believed in voodoo.  And A dude that looked just like Kevin Smith walked into the same store, a different night.     Oh yeah. I spent 3 years working in a comic book store. 

2) I’ve been in the Vatican on Easter Sunday,  Catholics know how to party.  <---TRUE  I was in high school on a trip to Italy during spring break.  It was awesome. 

3) I lived in Maryland for 13 years before I went crabbing. <-- TRUE Labor day weekend 2010.  It was very cool.  And I caught a couple of crab one and of them I caught off of a line and netted him all by myself.  Yeah I’m a total pro. 

4) A kid tried to impress me by tell me he was an assassin. It didn’t work the way he had hoped.<---TRUE yet another comic book store encounter.  Everyone who reads comics, either wants to draw them or write them. And every writer has a story he or she is just DYING to tell someone.  This kid unloaded his entire story, casting himself as the main character. 

5) My first car was pink and it blew up on the side of the road my first year of teaching.<---- TRUE  Yep it was a pink (the official color was sunburst red)  95 Mercury Cougar.  I drove through college and into my first year of teaching.  I never told the car I was thinking about buying a new one, I didn’t want to hurt it’s feelings.  On day it started smoking,  A LOT I turned off the car.  Called a tow truck and got the news, “your engine is cracked and leaking coolant.”  

6) One of my students sent me into an early labor because he though plastic forks have an expiration date. <--- Very TRUE.  I yelled at him and told him the educational process had failed him if he thought plastic forks go bad.  I started having contractions, but ignored them because I thought they were Braxton hick contractions.   Two hours later I was at the hospital 4 weeks before my due date.  My daughter was born the next morning.

7) I’ve been to San Diego Comic Con three times,  each year the crowd gets bigger and filled more and more with non comic book fans.  Posers.  <- LIE  I’ve only been to comic con once.  It was the most geektastic wonderful weekend ever.

8) I hate water rides and I’ve walked off of the rapids ride in Heresy Park sobbing .   <- TRUE.  I hate not being able to control water.  I don’t like getting wet.  I LOATH wet jeans.  Water rides are my hubby’s favorite.  There were 3 waterfalls and I was drenched.  My waterworks started the instant the first waterfall hit my head.  

Next week I promise a whole lot of book reviews.  Maybe I'll tell the full story of one of my truths. 
Thank you to all the new followers and all the comments!  You guys are awesome!  
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  1. Well, it was a crazy list- almost impossible to figure out! Sounds like the comic store job was really interesting.

  2. I loved this!!! Number One had me cracking up, what a creative way to put something... these are always so hard, it's moments like these that I second guess my creativity... hehe... just because you're awesome!

  3. Cool. There were too many interesting things to be sure. Thanks for the answers.


  4. Those were hilarious! Love the water ride story :)