Saturday, September 11, 2010

Awesome Music Month Winner Week 2

This week I'm giving out THREE CD'S--- what? huh?  for cereal?  

And the winners of Week 2 of Awesome Music Month is:

With the comment
Jen: I loved this!!! Number One had me cracking up, what a creative way to put something... these are always so hard, it's moments like these that I second guess my creativity... hehe... just because you're awesome!

1) The Italian Hot Chocolate from this place in Saratoga Springs, NY that basically turns into pudding when it cools. A-mazing.
2) My Simple clogs. I've had them since freshman year of college and I'll never get rid of them. They'll have to disintegrate first...which they might.
3) The Family Stone (even though it's ridiculously sad) because I adore and want to marry Luke Wilson.
4) Brownie sundaes. Lots of them.
5) My long black open sweater that I bought for $10 at Old Navy and wore every single day for two weeks at my Vermont residency.

P.S. I love The Prestige. I want to recreate the scene at the very end (hats) in real life and take a photograph of it.

Why did I pick it?
Jen: Because apparently I really like it when people say nice things about me ;-)

Meg: Because not only did she write the longest comment of the week but she also tells you were you can buy all of her favorite things... nothing better than using someone else's blog you pimp out the stuff you like.  :-)

Congrats to the winners!

Please e-mail me  fussymonkey2 at gmail dot com

By the way Alicia is running the same contest over on her blog!  YAY

Look the contest is SPREADING! 

53 songs 3.5 HOURS of music! 

There's A HUGE variety of music on the mix, from classic rock to music ruling the air waves now.

Trust me, you want this. 

You can INSTANTLY win a Mix CD if you run the same contest on your website.
 It's cheap, fun and easy.

Also if you like the music, please remember to BUY the full CD from the artist.  My goal with this contest is to spread the word about some bands I really like.